My Spornette Hair Brush Collection/Product Review

I said it on Instagram a few months ago, and I will say it again...Invest in good quality hair brushes....your hair will thank you for it!  I've used countless cheap hair brushes, and don't get me wrong I am a bargain shopper and this blog is all about affordable items, but a motto that I've said in the past is that if a product is expensive BUT long-lasting and in the long run saves you money then go for it!  I've bought dozens of inexpensive and cheap hair brushes and they all "get the job done" but I never knew how much of a difference a good brush can make until I tested out a few Spornette Hair Brushes (here) back in August.
For the past several months I've had the opportunity of testing out several other Spornette hair brushes, all of which I am in love with.  Essentially a lot of these brushes do the same thing, or act the same, and that's because most of the ones I've tried contain a Tourmaline Nano Silver Technology where its anti static bristles help absorb moisture, create shine, and prevent bacterial growth.  Also the curling and drying process is a breeze because the ceramic barrels heat up quickly for fast results!

Spornette Prego Tourmaline NanoSilver Technology Bristle Rounder Brush Ceramic Barrel 4 Inch #279 
Considered America's most popular ceramic aerated rounders.  I have the 4" diameter one, which is perfect for longest hair length, with this brush I am able to create perfect flawless curls and beach waves in no time!
Spornette Long Smooth Operator Tourmaline Ionic Bristle Hairbrush This brush features a longer barrel that many other brushes don't have, which helps reduce styling time and is perfect for creating long soft curls and/or waves.
Spornette Pronto Tourmaline Nylon Nano Silver Technology Bristle Hair Brush Ceramic Barrel 3 Inch What's awesome about this brush is that it contains an hour glass shape which helps create "uneven" curls giving off that natural wave look.  I find that because of the shape of this brush it is easier to manage and I have better control of the brush.
Spornette Square Styler Tourmaline Nylon Bristles Hair Brush 3 Inch #SQ20 This brush is SO awesome, its shape makes is so easy to create smooth hair, waves, or curls!  This brush does work really well with or without heat, and the hair doesn't snag or tug, because of its crimped nylon bristles.
The place I go to purchase my brushes (and any other salon quality beauty products) is an online retailer I've talked about in past posts! They currently have a promotion: Use Coupon Code BigDaddy10 to Receive 10% Off Any Order at! 

Do you own any Spornette brushes? Which one is your favorite? What is your go-to hair brush brand?
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  1. Hi Silvana, nice blog post! As always, thanks for showing some love! :)

    1. Hi Jess! You are VERY welcome! I love the site and the products you offer so it is definitely easy to show love =)

  2. cant say ive heard of these but they look cool haha


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