Major SALE At Target (30-75% OFF) Plus Haul!

I visited my local Target this past weekend, and I am so glad I did because they were having some major sales on shoes, clothing, beauty, accessories, some of which were 30-75% off!
They had a lot of cute shoes (heels and flats) which were 50-75% off, they ranged from $10-$15 which is amazing, unfortunately my Target had limited in stock, so I could not find my size. I am going to check out another Target to see if I can find my size because for $10-$15 you can't get a better deal!
I ended up buying a few sweaters which ranged from $4-$9 on sale, all of which were 75% off...which is amazing! But of course I found myself in the beauty and skincare isles, where I picked up a few items that were on sale, one of which was the L'Oreal Project Runway quad shadows, regularly $5.99, went on sale for $4.18, but it was discounted even more at the register which I paid $1.78 for it...AMAZING!!
I picked up two John Frieda hair products, normally cost about $10.00 but I paid $4.58 each which is unbelievable for John Frieda products! I also bought a new foundation (hopefully the shade works for me) and the new L'Oreal Eye Pencil Concealer which everyone is raving about; I will do a 1st impressions soon and will let you know how that is!!

I highly encourage you all to visit your local Target, because I am certain these sales are not just a local thing, I am certain that they are trying to make room for new items and are offering awesome deals and sales on a lot of their products!  Have you visited your local Target lately? Did you end up finding any good deals?
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  1. GREAT HAUL!! I need to stop by for the clearance sale!! You found some great new things!

  2. Ah don't tempt me! lol. Target can be a dangerous place...

  3. eeek i need to go tomorrow for sure!! the lorel runway i wantttt or need hahaa

  4. I was at Target this weekend, picked up a couple of the Maybelline color tattoo metal shadows, but they were out of the one I really wanted.


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