Instagram A Look Back At 2012

Earlier this year, when I signed up for Instagram, I periodically posted picture updates here on GGB, so anyone who does not have Instagram can view my life through pictures here on GGB!  Well, here is a recap of my life through Instagram throughout 2012...
The pictures above are only a few of what I posted throughout 2012, if you have Instagram make sure to follow me @glitzglambudget; if you don't have Instagram I highly encourage all of you to sign up and download the app (if you have a smartphone).  

The pictures represent a good part of what goes on daily in my life which includes work, hauling, testing out new products, finding affordable accessories and fashion items, school/homework, spending time with friends/family, couponing, etc...

Let me know if you like these types of posts and if you would like to see more in 2013!
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  1. i follow you hehe.. nice shots hun

  2. I adore Instagram! It is just the best way to look back at your year :)

    Lela -


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