Holiday (Limited Edition) Chapsticks 2012

I've been a fan of ChapStick since I was a young girl, I remember my parents had a few around the house and when I was old enough to become interested in beauty products, I remember asking my mom to buy me one of my own! ChapStick to me, is the original lip moisturizer, now days every other brand has lip balms, lip treatments, lip moisturizers, etc, but the one that always just gets the job done has always been ChapSticks.

I am super excited to have come across 2 of their limited edition ChapSticks, one in Chocolate Truffle, and one in Apple Cider.  They smell and taste exactly like their names, and because they are limited edition and have seasonal flavors (the other one I don't have is candy cane) I love them because they will continuously remind me of the holidays!
These ChapSticks are moisturizing, they are long lasting, they make my lips feel super smooth and eliminate any dryness or chapped lips instantly!  ChapSticks can be purchased at most major drugstores such as CVS, K-Mart, Walmart, Rite Aid, etc. and usually retail for about $1.99 each; to check out the rest of the ChapStick line click here.

Which flavor is your favorite? I remember owning the Classic Cherry flavor which tastes awesome and smells great too! Do you own any ChapSticks? Have you tried these limited edition ChapSticks?
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  1. Ooh I used to use the original ChapStick. That Chocolate Truffle one sounds yummy!


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