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After a lot of thought and consideration, I've decided to start ads and sponsorship on Glitz Glam Budget!  If you visit my Advertise/Sponsor Page (top menu) you can read  more on why you should advertise on Glitz Glam Budget, also I've included blog stats. 

I have a lot of budget friendly options for any bloggers, shop owners, etc, who want to bring a bit more exposure to their site, without breaking the bank!  I believe my prices are fairly reasonable and I do also have a free option as well!

Why sponsorship/advertisement? Not only does it benefit the sponsors because of the exposure, but it also allows YOU the reader of Glitz Glam Budget to find new bloggers you might love, or a new shop you'd love to buy from. As for me, any funds that are earned through sponsorship or ads will go back into the blog; I love blogging and Glitz Glam Budget has grown into my passion, I would love to continue to provide more product reviews, more swatches, more tips, and hopefully sponsorship and advertisement will allow Glitz Glam Budget to grow bigger in years to come!
Thank you again for all the support you have always give me, if you have any questions about sponsorship please visit my contact page and send me an email!  

Please make sure to visit my Advertise/Sponsor Page if you'd like to sponsor Glitz Glam Budget!

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