Guest Post: The Girl With The Red Hat

Check out the lovely Polly showing us how how you can look fabulous and stylish without breaking the bank! 

There is nothing better than being able to put up an impressive outfit that doesn't cost too much. Actually, I think that it is easier to look good if you're wearing only designer clothes but the art of fashion and being stylish is to be able to make the most of simple and not so expensive pieces.

Today, I am showing you one of my most favorite outfits. I called it "the girl with the red hat" because it's like the whole combination is built around this red beauty. I really like the colour combination white, black and red so I decided to do something with it. 
My whole outfit is made of affordable pieces. Since I'm still studying and not working I have to pay attention to the prices of what I'm buying. I searched through the sites of the brands I purchased my stuff from and I couldn't find the exact same pieces but I found similar ones that are still pretty and affordable.

Firstly, the hat. I got mine as a present for my birthday and I couldn't wait to wear it. I love the bright colour and how it can elevate a simple outfit to something very original. I found a similar one at H&M for 9.95 and there is a variety of colours. 
Then comes the jacket. I bought mine years ago from Bulgaria and I can't reminisce the price. However, I found a better version at Zara's and it's worth 49.99 . I love leather jackets because they keep you warm and can add an edgy vibe to an outfit.
The next thing is the sweater. I love simple, one-colored sweaters, they are the perfect winter basics and I have the same models in many colors. I offer you this one from H&M and it's worth 19,95 .
Then comes the necklace. Before a couple of months I couldn't stand to have something on my neck but ever since I bought a small, golden and edgy necklace from H&M I just can't stop wearing it. I found a similar version of mine again in H&M for 9,95

The next piece are the jeans. As many other people I have a real passion for jeans, maybe I have over 10 pairs in my wardrobe. My love is particularly for skinny jeans, they're just the most perfect and versatile piece of clothing. However, the ones in this outfit I got from Zara. I really like the colour and the way they flatter my legs.  Luckily, they are still on sale for 22.99 .
And finally, the shoes. Usually, I don't like thick heels but I think they are the better option when you're going for a walk or any place that requires walking. I bought mine after seeing them on the feet of another blogger and I just fell in love. I like their golden zippers and the pointy toes. I couldn't find them in Zara's site but again I found similar ones for 39,99 . These one have the advantage of having fringes and I find them lovely.
Thank you very much for reading. I hope you liked my suggestions. My blog is Polly's LookBook please visit here:

Thank you Polly I am in love with your outfit it is definitely super stylish and very affordable! I am particularly in love with that necklace and I will definitely be looking for something similar at H&M. 

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