Free Escada Fragrance Sample

To get your free sample of the Escada Fragrance please click here.  It seems to be worldwide, since it gives you the option to select other countries, aside from just USA.

You can select from 4 different Escada Fragrances, which includes: Especially Estrada Delicate Notes, Especially Estrada, Sexy Graffiti, and Rockin'Rio.  

Let me know which one you selected, I am undecided on which one to pick, they all sound lovely!

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  1. Requested mine :) But I forgot which one I requested! Guess we'll have to wait.

  2. I requested for these a few times but they never came :/

  3. Wow, thanks for letting us know about this! I'm especially interested in the Cherry and Sexy fragrances ♥

  4. Sadly it isnt able in the Philippines :(

  5. I picked Especially Escanda....I love the description on their website. Thanks for sharing this!


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