Benefit Cosmetics Fakeup Launch Party

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Benefit Cosmetics Launch Party in San Francisco, where they showcased their new product called Fakeup Crease Control Hydrating Concealer.
The launch party had makeup artists, champagne, cupcakes, a fun mystery game, and a photo booth, it was simply amazing!  The whole store set up was so incredibly adorable, and that's one thing I love about Benefit Cosmetics is their packaging and overall girlyness of their products!
Lisa, the Benefit Cosmetics store manager did my makeup, so I was able to test out the new concealer, along with other favorites such as They're Real Mascara, Hello Flawless Powder, and Girl Meets Pearl Luminizer.
I had a blast and attending this event has just confirmed that Benefit Cosmetics is my favorite cosmetics splurge addiction....At the end of the night we were given a super cute makeup bag from Benefit Cosmetics, which included 2 full sized Fakeup Crease Control Hydrating Concealer , and a sample size of the Benefit Pore Balm (which I have already been testing out for a few weeks when i purchased the full size at Sephora).
Stay tuned for a product review of the Fakeup Crease Control Hydrating Concealer  I also have the Porefessional Balm product review and the boi-ing concealer review, which I've also been testing out for the past several weeks, those reviews are coming soon, so make sure to check them out!  To visit the Benefit Cosmetics site to view all their super cute and awesome products click here.
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  1. That's amazing a, I'm so happy that they've launched a new load of products, I love Benifit, so I will be one of the first in line to get them :)


  2. Ahh I wish I could have went! Everything looks amazing!


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