Bath and Body Works BIG Semi-Annual Sale

THIS JUST CAME IN... Ladies, Bath and Body Works is hosting their BIG Semi-Annual Sale where hundreds of items are up to 75% OFF! Items are available while supplies last, which means if you have a favorite lotion or candle you better hurry and stock up because these sale items will go fast!

What I love about BBW is not only their products smell fantastic, but they are long lasting, very affordable to begin it, but also they have such cute, girly, and vibrant packaging; below are some of my favorite items from BBW:

Everything from shower gels, to body lotions, to even candles and wallflowers are on sale, and as I mentioned above everything is available while supplies last therefore make sure you pick up your favorites soon!

The sale is for both in store and online; something to keep in mind is that BBW does not ship outside of the US & Canada, which is too bad, but hopefully they will change that soon!  

Will you be picking up any items from Bath & Body Works? Hopefully I can make it out this weekend and pick up some of my favorite sprays and body lotions!  To check out what else is on sale you can click here which will take you to the BBW site!
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  1. Ahhh if only it was a week later when I get to the US!

  2. Shopped the sale yesterday :) I'll have a haul post up soon.

  3. wuuuuuut did not know they were having it!!! thaks girl


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