My LOVE HATE Relationship With Drugstore Foundation

So if you haven't already figured it out, I LOVE drugstore makeup simply because majority of drugstore products (in my opinion) are of great quality, and very affordable!

However, the one makeup product that I hate to purchase at a drugstore is foundation! I honestly never find the right color for my skin tone so I usually have to purchase two different colors to see which one fits me the best OR mix the two different colors together.
I normally read foundation reviews on blogs before I make a purchase, but even if the blogger puts swatches on their hand/face it always looks different onto someone else's face because not 1 skin color and texture is like the other.  

In addition, makeup companies usually offer computer generated swatches on their sites, which doesn't help at all because the colors in the bottles look completely different on the skin, most of the time! Or even worse, when the packaging is not in a clear container it is hard to see what the true color of the product really is.

I really wish that cosmetic companies and drugstores would offer testers with foundations, so at the very least we can swatch some on our hands to see if it is the right color.....Have you seen any foundation testers at your local drugstore? Sorry this is a rant but I am certain many of you feel this way! I love how drugstore foundations look and feel but I hate not being able to find the right shade!
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More Nail Swatches of the e.l.f Fall 2012 Python Nail Polishes

I have two more swatches (which I already shared on Instagram/Twitter) of the e.l.f Fall 2012 Python Nail Polishes that I wanted to share with you.  Some of you were wondering if these are still on sale, well my local Target still has these on sale (in a sale bin) for $1.70 so in case you wanted to pick any colors up you will want to check with your local Target; here are more swatches for you.
Here are the other two swatches from previous posts, and the collection that I have below as well (I believe the collection has a few more colors which my local Target did not have).

Have you tried these polishes? I love all the colors, but currently I've been into dark nail polishes, not sure why since I usually love wearing Pink nail polish all year long! I do like that the darker colors from this collection all have some sort of colored undertones, for example the 2nd picture on top has a green undertone which can easily be seen under the sunlight!
I have three more to swatch so I will definetely do posts since a lot of you requested them, also since many of you don't have Instagram or Twitter.  What do you think about them? Are you in love with the packaging as much as I am?
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Check out My Target Fall 2012 Beauty Bag

I am probably the last person on earth to receive their Target Fall 2012 Beauty Bag, probably because I am on the West Coast, but I wanted to share it with all of you, and hopefully you already received yours (mine arrived about 2 weeks ago). 
If you're wondering what this is, periodically Target will give out free beauty bags either on their site (samples section) or on their Facebook page.  Well they announced this would be their last one ever, but who knows maybe they will offer different kinds of goodies in the near future.
So this awesome freebie comes with a beauty bag/cosmetics bag and a bunch of small samples, and a small coupon packet.  In the past, the samples were a lot bigger, small bottles vs packets, and wider variety, but quite honestly I'm not complaining because the cosmetics bag itself is so worth it!
Thank you Target for offering this freebie, I hope that you will offer more goodies to your loyal customers in the near future! Did you get your Free Target Fall 2012 Beauty Bag? Which sample was your favorite? 
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NYC Liquid Eyeliner

Let me start off by saying that I’ve been a longtime fan of NYC Cosmetics, from their mascara, eye-shadows and nail polishes; NYC is a really good affordable drugstore brand.  

Well a few months ago I purchased the NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Sable (which is a dark black).  They did re-do their packaging recently, which comes in 2 different black shades a deep back: Black #887 & a lighter black: Pearlized Black #888.
The liner does apply without any effort at all and very smoothly, the liner is a very dark/deep black which is normally what I like in an eyeliner, so you can achieve a very dark black line without having to go over the line a few times. The formula is not too wet and not dry at all, which is perfect; the liner is smudge proof, within a few seconds the liner does dry, and when you rub on it the liner does not budge nor smear, this is very important for me because I tend to rub my eyes a lot and I certainly don’t want to look like a raccoon by the end of the day!
The price is amazing for this liner, it retails for $2.99, which is really unbelievable for liquid eyeliners now days. The only con that I have for this product is the wand is a flimsy “nail polish like” wand which makes it hard for me to create even lines, normally I like felt tip pens because it makes the application so much easier for me.  If you’re very experienced with applying liquid eyeliner with these types of wands then you will love this liner because it is smudge-proof, it is long lasting, and the color is a very deep dark black.  For me, I am sticking with felt tip which is why I will not repurchase this liner again (I do have their felt tip liquid liner which I LOVE and will be reviewing soon).

This liner can be purchased at local drugstores such as Target, Rite Aid, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, etc. To check out the liner on the NYC site click here.  Have you tried this liner before? What do you think of it? Do you prefer felt tip or wand liquid liners? Which is your favorite drugstore liquid liner? Which is your least favorite?
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Julep Maven November 2012 It Girl

If you're a long time reader of GGB, then you know that I've tried a few Julep Maven boxes, the first I wasn't too "sold" on it (click here) the 2nd one I was in LOVE (click here). Now for the 3rd time around for the month of November Julep Maven's It Girl box came with the following items (which I LOVE):
Nora: Silver aubergine suede
Hailee: Khaki green suede
Matte Top Coat: Creates a matte suede finish (turns any nail polish into a frosty matte color).
3 Nail Polish Remover Pads
I wish my camera can truly show what the polish looks like, the matte/suede effect is pretty awesome and nothing that I've experienced before in a polish!
I'll definitely swatch the other color and post a NOTD/NOTW in the next week or so! Do you own any Julep polishes? Do you have a Julep Maven subscription? If you want to learn more about the Julep Maven subscriptions/polishes, please click on either of my two previous posts (above).
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