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Guest Post: Home Made Hair Treats – How to Look Great the Natural Way


Check out the lovely Gemma as she discusses how you can create budget friendly, home made hair treatments!

Making your own hair treatment from items that can be found in your refrigerator or pantry is the ideal way to ensure your hair looks fabulously shiny and healthy, without breaking the bank. Using these natural ingredients rather than the chemicals found in some commercial products is also better for the environment as well as your hair. Here you will find my favourite recipes to get you well on your way to perfect hair for summer, at a fraction of the cost of a salon treatment.

For Extra Shine
A beer rinse is one way to make your hair shine like never before. Leave the beer to go flat and pour all over your hair after shampooing. Be sure to rinse thoroughly though as you don’t want the smell of beer to follow you around all day. Lemon juice, cold coffee and cider vinegar are also great for adding shine to tired hair.

To Enhance Your Natural Colour
Rinsing your hair in cold, strong coffee or tea can give a boost to the colour and shine of dark hair. Similarly, a well-known home highlighting method is to squirt lemon juice onto hair and sit in the sun for an hour or so. 

To Reduce Frizz
Avocado and egg yolk makes a great hair conditioner. Just mash up the avocado, mix in a raw egg yolk and apply it to your hair after shampooing. Leave it to work for 15-20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. You will notice the improvement in softness and condition immediately.

To Condition and Moisturize Over Treated Hair
If your hair is colour- or heat-treated, mix a dollop of honey with a little olive oil or almond oil to make a deep-conditioning treatment. Apply the mixture all over your hair, give yourself a little head massage and relax for around 20 minutes before rinsing.
To Combat Oil
Mix equal parts of lemon juice and water to create a rinse for oily hair. Another tip (although not really a treatment) is to sprinkle a little baby powder or talc onto the roots of your hair if you don’t have time to wash it. Leave for a few moments and the brush out. The powder will soak up any oil, leaving your hair looking cleaner.
To Remove Product and Pollution Build-Up
To deep clean your hair and remove any nasties, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a little water to create a thick paste. Apply to damp hair and leave for around fifteen minutes before rinsing and washing with your normal shampoo.
If you can afford to spend a little more, Organic products will give your hair an extra special treat. Don’t worry if the fruit or vegetables are a little past their best, these treatments are a great way for using up produce that would otherwise be thrown away or made into a smoothie! Make your homemade hair treat a regular indulgence and you will soon notice the change in the look and manageability of your hair.

Author Bio: This guest post was written by Gemma Deering, a freelance health, fashion and beauty writer at Majestic Tresses ( **Pictures courtesy of**

Thank you Gemma for the wonderful tips and advice, I will be sure to try out some of these home made hair treatments, particularly the avocado and egg yolk since I’m always on the hunt for a perfect de-frizzer! 

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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes on a Budget


This post might be a bit redundant for veteran makeup users since a lot of people have blogged about this topic, but for those of you who are just starting out using makeup brushes and don’t want to pay $10-$20 dollars on a small makeup brush cleaner, then read on!

The most important part of using makeup brushes is to take care of them, basically washing them after using them.  The reason for that is because makeup brushes can collect bacteria and germs and if you constantly use those dirty brushes you will eventually get acne and even a rash on your face!
What I use to clean my makeup brushes is Johnson and Johnson's Baby Shampoo, it is very affordable, smells wonderful, and gets the job done right!  Here are the steps I take to clean my makeup brushes:

Step 1: Set up a small area in your kitchen or bathroom and gather your brushes and get the baby shampoo.

Step 2: One at a time, wet bristles of your bushes with warm water, underneath the facet (try not to wet the handle since water can damage wood which is what causes the handles to crack).

Step 3: Put a small quarter sized amount of shampoo on the palm of your hands and in a circular motion move your brush around until the shampoo forms a lather (you will see the makeup coming off).

Step 4: Rinse brush with warm water underneath the facet until shampoo comes off. Then repeat Step 3 & 4 (I do this to make sure all the dirt and makeup has come off).

Step 5: Gently squeeze the water out of the bristles and lay each brush down to dry.
I usually do this at night, and by morning time the brushes are fully dried.  It’s really bad for your skin to use dirty makeup bushes; when I didn’t know better I hardly washed my brushes so I would use them weeks after weeks, until I started to get pimples particularly around my cheeks where I applied blush.  Once I started washing them the pimples never came back.

A few bloggers have stated that Johnson and Johnson's Baby Shampoo is not anti-bacterial (unlike some high end makeup brush cleaners) so it doesn’t remove germs and bacteria, but quite honestly I believe the shampoo does the job right; it is very gentle on my brushes, it has not damaged any of them, and it really has cleaned off the most stubborn makeup/foundation – and the bonus is that it smells wonderfully! 

Johnson and Johnson's Baby Shampoo can be purchased at any drugstore nationwide, it retails for less than $6.00 for a 20 oz bottle (vs a popular higher end Sephora brand bush cleaner which is $6.00 for a 2 oz bottle); you can check out the Johnson and Johnson's site for more info on the shampoo by clicking here

What do you use to clean your brushes? Have you tried this shampoo on your set of brushes? Any higher end makeup brush cleaners that are worth the money?

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Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm Review

I am a lip product addict, I love trying new lip products literally anything from lipstick, lip-gloss, chap-stick, lip-balm, and I mean really the list could go on forever….

One lip product that I find myself using on a daily basis (multiple times a day) is the Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm, which I received in a past Target Beauty Bag for free, in April of 2011. What initially intrigued me about the lip balm was what the product contains and what it claims to do:
Vitamin E bionutrient balm nourishes and soothes with essential moisture. Long-lasting formula moisturizes and soothes lips with Vitamin E bionutrients to heal dry skin and keep lips looking healthy.  

So I am thrilled to say that I am very pleased with this lip-balm because it does exactly what it claims, and here are some of the reasons why I love it:

It is very moisturizing & hydrating
Feels very smooth on the lips
Not sticky or “waxy” at all
Long lasting/does not need to be re-applied frequently
Help relieve dry lips
Goes on clear and invisible, not shiny or glossy

Very light minty/peppermint taste and smell (Not a big deal for me but definitely not a pro)

Overall, I am very happy with this lip balm, although it only needs to be applied once or twice a day, I find myself applying it often because I do love how my lips feel with it on.  The product is very affordable, it retails for around $3.00 at major retailers such as Walmart, Ulta, and Target.  To learn more about the Neutrogena Naturals line (which also includes Cleanser, Scrub, Makeup Remover, and much more) then you can click here which will take you to the Neutrogena site.

Have you tried this balm or any other Neutrogena Naturals products? I definitely want to try out more of their Naturals products, particularly their cleanser, scrub, night cream, and makeup remover!!

Here are some Neutrogena coupons, which include saving $1.00-$2.00 on the Naturals' products, click here.

**Photos courtesy of, I would have shown you my lip balm tube but it is now empty (need to re-stock)**

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2 FREE Smashbox Foundation Deluxe Primer Samples


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**UPDATE: Looks like their FB page is having technical issues, Smashbox states to keep refreshing the page!**

I've never tried this primer before because of the BIG expensive price tag, however I've read a lot of positive reviews on it so I am so excited to try it out!  Generally deluxe samples are pretty generous, so I am very interested to see exactly how "deluxe" this sample really is, in addition I am amazed they are giving away 2 samples, a person!

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