FREE 10 Day Sample of Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup


I found this offer through Facebook, by liking the Estee Lauder page and answering a 1 question survey, it prompted a message saying I could get a Free 10 Day Sample of the Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup.

All you really need to do is go to a Estee Lauder counter (typically found at Macy's) and ask for your free 10 day sample (No purchase necessary).  You don't even need to visit their Facebook page because there is no coupon or offer paperwork, but if you'd like to visit their page for possible future samples, you can click here.

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FREE Sample of GUCCI Fragrance!


I just found out about a free Gucci Fragrance sample and wanted to let you know about it. Currently still available through Facebook, you can select from 3 Flora Gorgeous Gucci fragrances.

It's really simple, just click here which will take you directly to their Facebook page, just select which fragrance you'd like and fill out the information form! It's that simple!

I love samples but one thing I worry about is falling in LOVE with this perfume, simply because 
a bottle retails for about $100....!!! Well I hope you enjoy the sample, let me know which one you selected!!

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Trends for Less -- The Grunge Look


A really big trend this year is the "Grunge" look, for those of you who were born in the 80's (or before) you know that the grunge look was very popular during the 90's, well it has finally come back into style and it's getting very popular fairly quickly!

It seems that a lot of celebrities have been spotted wearing this style this Spring and I am pretty certain this up coming Summer as well. 
Let's just say the Grunge look is a very comfortable and laid back style. If I were to describe the grunge look in a few words, 
I would say it's a relax form of "rock and roll" type of clothing ...

Basically a whole lot of plaid shirts 

and very faded pants

also hand cut/cropped shorts

and faded neon colors

What I do love about this style is that it can be glam'd up as well, grunge doesn't necessarily mean you will look like you just woke up or you just came back from a rock and roll concert, as seen in the celebrities below it can look very glam and sexy:

Now that I've convinced you to try out this style....*wink* below are some of my favorite cheaper alternatives from Forever 21, all the items shown below are less than $20:

What do you think about this "grunge" style, would you rock it? Will you buy grunge looking clothes or make your own (such as fading it, cutting/trimming shorts, etc)? I think I will want to try the more glam grunge style to look a little bit more glam, yet be comfortable as well! 

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ELF Therapeutic Conditioning Balm


I recently purchased the ELF Therapeutic Conditioning Balm (along with other beauty items) and I wanted to do a quick review on it.  Normally I do like to try out products for several weeks (to even months) before I make a review, simply because I want to be able to provide as much of an honest and accurate review as possible.  However with this ELF product I was not too happy with from the first application, so I thought I'd share it with you all.

As much as I LOVE ELF products, I am not overly impressed with the quality or claims of this balm.  The ELF Therapeutic Conditioning Balm claims that because it is infused with Vitamins A & E and Shea Butter, it:
Provides Intensive Long lasting Moisture
Helps treat & prevent chapping
Instantly soothes & smoothes lips
 The balm stick is the type that you roll to the left/right to rotate the product in and out of the packaging, similar to other chap sticks.  Well immediately upon my first use, the balm wouldn't rotate anymore so 1/3 of the product was wasted because I couldn't rotate nor push the product back down.
The product itself felt a little bit like smooth wax, so it didn't necessarily soothe or smooth out my lips, it just felt like there was a thin layer of product sitting on my lips. Contrary to what I thought the color would be, the balm comes off as clear once applied on the lips.

I am not too disappointed simply because this balm is only $1.00, I am a big fan of ELF products and will continue to purchase other items that I love, but I will definitely not be picking this up again.
Have you tried this balm? What do you think about it? Do you have any ELF favorites?

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Julep Maven Subscription...Is It Worth It?


Last month I signed up for Julep Maven Nail Polish subscription, because my one of my favorite Beauty Bloggers BeautyByKrystal (please check out her blog she is amazing) had a coupon code, which allowed me to try out the 1st box for only 1 penny!
I was a little hesitant at first because regular price is $19.99 for a couple of polishes, and in case you are not familiar with Julep Maven, it's a subscription service so every month you pay $19.99 and you get a different box of 3 polishes, or at times 2 polishes with a hand cream.  I was glad to try it out and give it a chance since all I am used to are drugstore nail polishes.
Well the box arrived so fast, really within a week, I was so amazed, and the packaging was super cute...I am a sucker for cute packaging! Well I was excited to try the polishes, because for $19.99 I really was expecting some amazing nail color! 

Upon trying all three polishes I was not impressed at all, so let's start with the Cons. 

  • The polish itself was very runny which made it very hard to achieve a perfect look (without uneven edges); it really was a big mess.
  • Polish brush was flimsy which added to the uneven mess on my nails.
  •  I felt that it needed at least 2 coats to even look presentable because 1 coat can come off rather uneven and streaky.

  • The polish did dry fairly quickly.
  • It lasted a good 4 days before I saw some chipping.

Something to keep in mind, the polishes on their own are $14.99, but in the box they $19.99, which either way is ridiculous considering I've purchased better polishes for a cheaper price tag. However I think if you are a nail polish fanatic and don't mind applying several coats then you might want to sign up for this service, but for myself I went ahead and canceled this morning, seeing that I don't want to spend $19.99 every month on nail polishes.

If you are interested, I believe the discount code is still available so when you go to sign up and add a box to your checkout cart enter the code PENNY, and you should still be able to get your 1st box for only 1 penny. Click on the picture below which will take you to the Julep Maven site. 

Have you tried these polishes? What do you think about them?

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FREE Full Size Moisturizer at Sephora


I just found out about this so I wanted to quickly let you know, because of Earth Day you can get a FREE Full Size Origins Lotion at Sephora, when you trade in an empty cosmetics product container! Hurry because this is today only!

If you live in Salt Lake City Utah and Paramus New Jersey this offer is valid until tomorrow 04/23/12.

You can also get the same full size moisturizer free online with a $30 purchase.
Click here for details on the Sephora site.

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China Glaze Hunger Games Polishes On Sale!


If you haven't watched the Hunger Games, it's a great movie for all ages, I highly encourage all of you to go see it! The movie has been a very popular in all sorts of categories, including Beauty. Sally's Beauty Supply currently has the China Glaze Hunger Games Edition Polishes on sale for $5.99 and if you are a Beauty Club Card holder you can get them for $4.99 (regularly priced at $7.00).

From the pictures the colors look so beautiful, I love that there are many glitter ones, with a few matte colors as well! I will be heading to my local Sally's Beauty Supply this weekend and hopefully I can get some shots of the actual display in the store!

I am not certain how long the sale will be going on for, since I didn't see a date on the ad, but typically sales can run from 1 week to 1 month at Sally's Beauty Supply!
Keep in mind this month of April, there is still another sale:
Any polishes at Sally's Beauty Supply which ALSO INCLUDES the Hunger Games Polishes! 
You can click here to details on that sale!

Check out the video below to see which colors go with each "District" from the movie.

Shipping Information: Sally's Beauty Supply does not currently ship international, shipping areas include US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  There are several stores in the UK as well as Mexico which you can purchase in person. Click here for details of shipping parameters.Click here for store locator.

Do you own any of these polishes? Which one is your favorite? Will you be picking any up this weekend? 

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Beauty-Full Savings Coupons and Samples


Save on skincare and beauty items using these coupons & get cash back from a site called, where you can get a $10 bonus for signing up for free. Sign up today! 

Unless a code is noted below, just click on the coupons and the promo code is applied for you. To get the most savings, be sure you sign up for BeFrugal’s free Cash Back and activate your account before you click to use the coupon offers below. This way, you’ll earn Cash Back, save big from using these deals and score your $10 bonus if you just signed up for a new account!

1.       Get 20% off candles, wallflowers, body and gifts with this Bath & Body Works coupon (click for savings code, expires 4/29). You can also earn 3.5% Cash Back for more savings.

2.       Enjoy 4 free samples with your $45+ order using this Lancome coupon (click for savings code, expires 4/30/12). You can also 6.4% Cash Back for more savings.

3.       Treat yourself using this Crabtree & Evelyn coupon for a free gift with your $125+ order (no code needed, expires 4/30/12). You can also earn 8% Cash Back for more savings.

4.       Pump up the beauty with this DermaDoctor coupon for a free collagen booster with your $65+ Dr. Brandt order (no code needed, while supplies last, expires 4/30). Double-up for more savings by earning 6% Cash Back today.

Note: Cash Back rates can change from one day to the next. These rates were valid as of 4/17/2012. Happy Shopping!

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Let's KLOUT each other...and get FREE PERKS!!!


Many of you may already be familiar with Klout, but for those of you who don't know what it is, Klout is basically another social media/networking addiction!

To sum it up, Klout is a site that measures your online influence from your social networks. It takes in consideration your blog & twitter followers, the amount of interaction you have with them, your Facebook, Flicker, Google+ and many other social network accounts and rates your social presence.  

There are topics Klout believes you are influential in, and people can give you a Klout (better known as a "like" or a "point").  Depending on your score, Klout will give you Perks (Free Products which are typically Full Size, worth a pretty penny) to do whatever you'd like, you can review it, you can try it and never say anything, you can give it away, you are not obligated to say positive things about it, etc.

You can see below some topics Klout and my readers think I am influential in:
Periodically Klout will have perks depending on what topic you are influential in, and what your Klout score it.  Since one of the topics I have influence in is Beauty I was able to get 2 wonderful FREE perks;  3 Full Size products from GUD (Burts Bees), and Simple Skincare 2 Full Size products (these were 2 separate perks received on separate occasions.)

Keep in mind these are full sized products, brand names which can be found at local drugstores, I am simply amazed at Klout and the perks they provide. I highly encourage all of you to sign up for Klout, if you have a blog, or twitter, or facebook, you already some some sort of social presence so why not get Perks out of it?

I will be providing full reviews and pictures of the klout perks I have received so far, I actually have a few more coming in, I believe another is from Neutrogena., so be on the look out for those posts! 

What do you think about Klout? Have you signed up?  Well if you want to learn more about Klout click here .  If you would like to view my Klout Profile you can click here

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Urban Decay Exclusive Event


Please visit your local ULTA stores this upcoming Friday (04/20/12 & 04/21/12) for an all day event where you can learn the latest trends and makeup tips from the experts! 

While quantities last, you can get 2 free gifts valued at $21; a Deluxe sample size of Sin Eye-Shadow Primer Potion and All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray with a $25 purchase.

Buying online? Use this online coupon code for $3.50 OFF any $10 purchase, OR $10 OFF $60 Purchase!

Shopping in person? Print out the same coupon for $3.50 OFF any $10 purchase!
Click here to print.

Happy Shopping!

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I love NYX products, from their eye-shadows, to blushes, to lip glosses, their products truly are high end quality on a budget friendly wallet! Well imagine how excited I was to receive an email from ULTA showing a NYX palette called Crimson Amulet Palette (inspired by the  movie Dark Shadows) which is available as LIMITED EDITION for $24.99.
It contains the following:
24 eye-shadows
5 blushes
1 illuminating powder
4 lip-glosses
1 High definition eye-shadow base
1 liquid eye-liner

The palette can be purchased at Ulta for $24.99, you can click here to take a look at it. It can also be purchased at the NYX site for $25.00 by clicking here.

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Influenster: Kiss Nail Dress


If you've seen my other Influenster posts, then you know I received a few "beauty" related items in my Love VoxBox, one being the Gillette Venus & Olay Razor which you can read my review here.  One other item I received is the Kiss Nail Dress, for tips and toes.  I was a little disappointed because the design on the Nail Dress is the exact same design I received with my imPRESS Press on Manicure nails from my Holiday VoxBox, which you can see here.

Nonetheless, I gave them a try because these are more like "stickers" vs the other ones were press on nails. How these work is that you clean your nails (have them bare) peel the Nail Dress, fit them onto your nails, file them down (since they are super long) until the extra piece is off.

  • Simple way to add design to your nails without dealing with nail polish
  • Does not damage your nails (unlike fake nails where it discolors and ruins your natural nails)
  • Once on, it feels natural, no need to spend time drying nails ,you can pretty much do regular tasks.
  • The packaging comes with plenty of stickers which you can use for nails and/or toes, enough for more than 2-3 "manicures"
  • Create your own design, cut into different angles, whatever your imagination can come up with.

  • Nail Dress stickers smelled really odd when I opened the box, almost like paint, don't know if all have that smell.
  • The nail dress stickers do not last for the "up to 10 days" that it claims, more like a couple of days.

Overall, as you can see there are more pros than cons, which means that I do believe this product is great for anyone not wanting to spend a fortune on nail designs, but also for anyone who is on the go all the time and not wanting to paint their nails. Since I do use my hands A LOT, especially with water all the time, the nail dress did not last very long on me, however I believe these are perfect for a night out, prom, a special occasion because they will look very pretty, and appear professionally done for that evening.

Here's what Influenster and Kiss Nails had to say about Nail Dress:

Kiss Nail Dress
Fashion That Sticks
Introducing Kiss Nail Dress, ultimate nail fashion for tips and toes! Just peel, apply, and shape for a manicure that lasts up to 10 days. On in minutes, off in seconds without remover. Nail Dress is available in 18 different styles, many of them featuring 3-dimensional jeweled designs. Check out Peplum, a deep black with multi-colored gems for a pop of color, or Babydoll, for a golden and glamorous jeweled look. Skip the topcoat, Nail Dress has it built in.

With 28 strips in each package, you can cut up your extras to create designs that can be used on top of polished or artificial nails. Nail Dress doesn’t dry out the way other polish strips can, so you can save them to use on your next DIY mani. A nail design booklet is included in each package, just in case you need a little inspiration.

And don’t forget about your feet! Nail Dress looks awesome on toes, too – just use the square side of the sticker for a perfect fit.

Where to Buy
Nail Dress’ suggested retail is $6.99 and is available in all major drug chains and mass retailers like WalMart, CVS and Walgreens.

Visit to learn more!

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Giveaway Winner & Blogger Awards


I really want to thank everyone who entered my Haute Glam Boutique Worldwide Accessories Giveaway, I am truly amazed at the tremendous positive feedback, as well as the high number of entries! I gained a few new followers and I hope you are all here to stay! I love doing giveaways because I truly do want to give back to my readers therefore if you didn't win this giveaway, just know that I will have plenty more in the future! 
Now onto the winner, I received a total of 1134 entries, I used and the winning entry was # 538, which was Simera from Beauty Makeup Addict, CONGRATS girl!!! I have e-mailed you please respond within 48 hours.
Again thank you to all of you who entered!
Now onto the awards that I recently received! Three lovely bloggers have awarded me 

enLaPink presented me with the "Blogger Appreciation Award" she is the sweetest gal you'll meet so check out here blog!
Beauty Obsessed also presented me with the "Blogger Appreciation Award" she is one of the first bloggers I interacted with on Twitter, and I consider her one of my favorite cyber-friend, please check out her blog!
I created the Blogger Appreciation Award at the end of March to show my appreciation to those bloggers who have continuously commented on my blog, and also who have interacted with me either through twitter or Facebook, so I very excited to see it being passed down to blogger after blogger! You can click here to take a look at the award questions/responses and rules.

Next is Liquor, Lube and Lipstick she awarded me with the "Versatile Award" she is also a sweetie so please go check out her blog. I love this award because it is a wonderful  way to let a blogger know they are versatile in their blogging and that you admire that! I've already received this award, you can click here to see my responses.

I want to award the Blogger Appreciation Award and Versatile Blogger Award to anyone reading this post, I think we are all versatile bloggers, we are all creative, and I simply appreciate all of you...and I truly mean that! 
Thank you once again to all who entered my blog, and thank you to the lovely three ladies mentioned above who awarded me with the Blogger Awards!

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