ELF Cosmetics Baked Eye-Shadow Palettes NYC & California

As soon as ELF Cosmetics came out with their new Baked Eye-Shadow Palettes I knew I had to purchase both of them, which are named after 2 big US states: NYC and California.
The palettes come with 10 shadows, they are regularly priced at $10/each, but I was able to snag these with a 50% off coupon code (valid at that time), which made each palette only $5.00 each! The California palette has more neutral colors (brown/beige) vs the NYC palette has more of the darker/deeper colors (black/blue).

Both of the palettes have no matte colors, all the colors have shimmers in them, some are more shimmery than others.  Having said that, because of the massive amount of shimmers in these shadows, they do have a lot of fall out.  The shadows are powdery when using a brush and fingers, so I find that using a sponge-tip applicator actually works better when using these shadows.
I wish this palette had at least some matte colors, so I am a little bit disappointed with the variety in these shadows, especially since a lot of other elf palettes that I own offer great quality in terms of not being too powdery or shimmery.  If you don't mind shimmery/pearl-like shadows then go for these palettes, but I highly suggest using a primer and be prepared to dust off a lot of fall out.
I love elf products, as many of you already know, but I don't think these palettes are worth $10 considering their other palettes offer more variety in terms of textures and colors, so if you're going to purchase them, make sure you do a search for coupon codes like 50% off.

A lot of you were very excited about these palettes, as much as I was, and were inquiring whether they are worth it, so hopefully this review was helpful for a lot of you.  Let me know if you've already picked these up and like them, or sort of agree with my review.
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  1. Beautiful swatches and awesome deal!

  2. I think you're right about them being overpriced. I do like the lighter shimmers in these kits but I feel like the dark colors flop.

  3. Love the colours, they aren't as pigmented as I thought they would be


  4. I have been eyeing this palette for awhile. Thanks for the swatches


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