Julep Maven November 2012 It Girl

If you're a long time reader of GGB, then you know that I've tried a few Julep Maven boxes, the first I wasn't too "sold" on it (click here) the 2nd one I was in LOVE (click here). Now for the 3rd time around for the month of November Julep Maven's It Girl box came with the following items (which I LOVE):
Nora: Silver aubergine suede
Hailee: Khaki green suede
Matte Top Coat: Creates a matte suede finish (turns any nail polish into a frosty matte color).
3 Nail Polish Remover Pads
I wish my camera can truly show what the polish looks like, the matte/suede effect is pretty awesome and nothing that I've experienced before in a polish!
I'll definitely swatch the other color and post a NOTD/NOTW in the next week or so! Do you own any Julep polishes? Do you have a Julep Maven subscription? If you want to learn more about the Julep Maven subscriptions/polishes, please click on either of my two previous posts (above).
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  1. I'm not super big on polishes, but Julep always seems to offer such fun colors!

  2. I started off thinking I wouldn't care too much for the whole julep maven box...boy was I wrong! I have been in love with them! have you seen decembers?! This was the first time I ordered add ons because i loved the polishes so much! haha

  3. Great nail polish colours


  4. I really like the colors too! Are you going to swatch all of them?


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