Guest Post: Affordable Vanity Setup

Check out the lovely Janine from The Amazing World Of J, showing us how you can have the perfect vanity area without spending a fortune!

Hey Ladies, my name is Janine and i write a little blog named The Amazing World Of J. I am honored to be featured on here and be able to show you my very own idea of a cheap DIY vanity table :) 

I think we all dream of our own little girl spot, either in the bedroom or bathroom, were we can store our precious MakeUp collection, put it on, play around, swatch and might even do our nails.  I've been wanting a place like this for quite a while now, and since i am on a budget, i started to look around for cheaper alternatives to the $500+ wooden vanity search ended at - guess - good old walmart!!
First i decided to buy me a simple desk. I would have rather bought one with more drawers, but the price difference was so huge, that I decided to come up with better storage ideas for less - so i got myself a bookshelf and some kitchen drawer organizers...I chose a door mirror to create a real vanity table look - you can get those 3 main parts all together for $75!
And for those who are walking around in walmart every now and then, you've probably already seen the little plastic drawers - i chose to get 2 - 1 for my single eyeshadows, 1 for my palettes.
For my brushes, eyeliners and eyeprimers i used  some whiskey glasses right now, a candle holder and an old MakeUp organizer (i am looking around for something prettier). I arranged my favorite nailpolishes on a kitchen spice shelf ( The gooseneck lamp is also available at walmart - either the plastic version for less, or the silver one for around $15.
The rest, like backup products, falsies, rest of my polishes, my uv-lamp, i simply put in boxes i used for other things before, i am pretty sure you can find something like them either at the dollar store or at Walmart)

As you can see, i went with black furniture. I chose it simply because that was the only color available at the store close to me. Online you can find the same in a white & a wooden finish (, or different finishes might be available at your Walmart store.

I hope i could inspire you a little bit, there are really some affordable MakeUp storage ideas out there. Check out, Lowe's Walmart, whatever and create your own Vanity Table for cheap!  Much Love, Janine

Thank you Janine for the wonderful post, I love your vanity and I definitely need to check out Walmart because I am in desperate need of a new vanity area!

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  1. Great set up, Janine! I'd love to have a space like that :D

  2. Great set, very professional look


  3. I love this set-up! I especially love that it is very budget-friendly also!

  4. This is so cool! AND so affordable!! Great job, Janine!


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