Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin

I normally don't use any type of hair accessories  aside from scrunchies, so I was very interested to see how the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin I received from the Influenster Beauty blogger VoxBox would work on my hair.

I have long curly hair, so this product actually worked fairly well on my hair, all you do is gather all of your hair, twist your hair into a tight bun, tuck in the ends, spin one pin from the top and one pin from the bottom, which creates a perfect bun!  Generally my go to hair style is a bun, but I usually have to use a whole lot of bobby pins, and/or scrunchies which makes it look very uneven and sort of unflattering!
I think this product would not be good for short hair gals, for obvious reason...if you don't have enough hair it will be hard to create a bun, but generally for medium to long hair gals this will be perfect for you!  This product does retail for $7.29, a bit pricey in my opinion, but well worth it.  Please make sure to check out the Goody website here: for  more accessories and to take a look at the Styles Spin Pins which do come in several different colors.
Here is what Influenster and Goody say about this product:
"The Spin Pin does the work of 20 bobby pins! Easily achieve chic updo styles; simply twirl your hair up and spin the Spin Pins in for a perfect top knot, undone bun and side bun!"

Have you tried these Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins before? Did you receive them in  your Beauty Blogger Voxbox? What accessories do you normally use to style your hair?

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Samples were given to Glitz Glam Budget, directly from Influenster to test through the VoxBox program. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.


  1. I almost bought these a few weeks before the Blogger VoxBox arrived. I hesitated because of the price but I love them! So worth it.

  2. I received this product as well and I absolutely love it!

    Boston Princess

  3. I was curious about these, but my hair is pretty thick...I wonder if these would hold my hair

  4. Sound amazing!



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