Check out My Target Fall 2012 Beauty Bag

I am probably the last person on earth to receive their Target Fall 2012 Beauty Bag, probably because I am on the West Coast, but I wanted to share it with all of you, and hopefully you already received yours (mine arrived about 2 weeks ago). 
If you're wondering what this is, periodically Target will give out free beauty bags either on their site (samples section) or on their Facebook page.  Well they announced this would be their last one ever, but who knows maybe they will offer different kinds of goodies in the near future.
So this awesome freebie comes with a beauty bag/cosmetics bag and a bunch of small samples, and a small coupon packet.  In the past, the samples were a lot bigger, small bottles vs packets, and wider variety, but quite honestly I'm not complaining because the cosmetics bag itself is so worth it!
Thank you Target for offering this freebie, I hope that you will offer more goodies to your loyal customers in the near future! Did you get your Free Target Fall 2012 Beauty Bag? Which sample was your favorite? 
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  1. I wasn't able to sign up for this one :( The bag's nice, wild! I heard that this is their last ever beauty bag, not sure if it's true though.

  2. I still haven't received mine and I'm on the east coast lol... I just want that darn bag!!


  3. I love Target for sharing these goody bags each season! I received mine a while back and still haven't tried my samples. I'm just so in love with the pretty animal print bag, I've been using it to store my travel hair accessories smh. I keep all of my samples in a separate container. I will be using my coupons soon though!

  4. I loved my target bag this time around! Love your blog, your newest follower!


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