Sally Hansen LaCross Tweezers Review

About a month ago I went to my local Big Lots and purchased the Sally Hansen LaCross Tweezers, for only $2.00, regularly these tweezers retail for $6.99.

What attracted me to purchase the tweezers were 2 things, the first being the color (pink) and the other reason is that I needed new tweezers that had a sharp edge (compared to my 10+ year old Revlon tweezers).
The tweezers do a great job in plucking out even the most stubborn and tiniest hairs, which is great because it creates a very clean look to your eyebrows.  Since I was not used to sharp tweezers, I did have to go pretty slowly at first, until I got the hang of it.
The tweezers are very durable, and I've washed them periodically to see if they would rust, and in fact the tweezers look perfectly the same as they did 1 month ago, which is great because you don't want tweezers to rust on you!  They are also sized pretty great and versatile, not too big or small, they are perfect for small hands but also for bigger hands as well.
Overall I really like these tweezers, I can't really compare them to higher priced tweezers since I've only tried drugstore brands, but for only $2.00 (even regularly priced at $6.99) they are a great deal and great quality as well!

What kind of tweezers do you use? Do you have any recommendations? Any other drugstore (or even high end) tweezers you swear by?
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  1. I swear by my Tweezerman ones. I bought a pink pair (for breast cancer awareness) 4 years ago and they're still just as sharp. They were SUPER sharp when I got them, which took getting used to. I've tried Revlon and other drugstore companies but nothing was as good. The Tweezerman ones are pricey (I think I picked mine up on or amazon at the time for around $20), but totally worth it. I won't have to buy a new pair for a few years. Plus they haven't rusted through hundreds of washes.

  2. Wow grt review.....tweezers are such an essentials right? Good one

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  3. I have been looking for the best tweezers and good thing that you have shared this to us. I have purchased lots of tweezers and none of them could pluck nicely and easily. It is giving me a hard time. I will definitely grab one of this.


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