NYX Doll Eye Mascara Review

I am a big time fan of NYX cosmetics, from their Jumbo Pencils to their trio eye-shadow palettes, so I had high expectations when it came to their mascara, simply because the rest of their products are amazing!
The NYX Doll Eye Mascara claims that it "uses a unique blend of natural oils, Vitamin E and nylon fibers to extend eyelashes to almost faux proportions." The mascara comes in 3 different versions: Lengthening  Volumizing, and Waterproof (the one I have is Lengthening, on the box it states "Extremely Long" and its in the color Extremely Black).

I absolutely love this mascara, it is by far one of the best mascaras I have ever tried in my entire life....I know that's a bit dramatic, but that's really how good it is! First let me start off with the wand, it is very interestingly designed, not the same shape throughout the entire wand -- basically both ends are a little bit bigger and the middle of the wand is skinnier (sorry the picture below doesn't truly capture it). Because of the shape I feel that I can evenly apply the mascara on all of my lashes, and because the end of the wand is a little bit bigger than the middle, it allows the end of my lashes to really lengthen creating a faux lashes look.
The formula is amazing, it applies so smoothly and without any effort at all. It is not too wet which is great because it doesn't cause a big mess on your lids, but it is moist enough to where you can add multiple layers for a more intense look without the clumping. The mascara looks great from the moment you apply it, to the moment you come home from work or school, it does have an amazing lasting power!

I can see where they nylon fibers come into play, because this mascara did volumize and lengthen my natural lashes, to the point where people were complimenting me on my "fake" lashes....when I mentioned to them they were my real natural lashes, they were simply amazed (I have to thank the NYX Doll Eye Mascara for that one).
Overall I highly recommend this mascara to anyone, whether you have small or sparse lashes, or if you already have full long lashes, the NYX Doll Eye Mascara (particularly the Lengthening/Extremely Long one that I have) is perfect to glam up your lashes without having to put on fake ones!

The mascara can be purchased on the NYX site by clicking here, also Ulta does carry some of their other mascaras (but I couldn't find the Doll Eye) you can check out the Ulta/NYX Mascaras here.  Have you tried this mascara, or any other NYX mascaras? I am very interested in testing out their other mascaras and seeing how they compare, so I will have to do a little bit of shopping in the near future! 
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  1. Welp, I guess I found a new mascara to get once the one I'm using now is out!

  2. I should give this mascara a try. It looks great. Great review.

  3. I might have to pick up this mascara. I've been looking for a new one.

  4. Nice! Looks like I'll have to try this one in the future, I haven't tried any other NYX mascaras before.


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