New K-Mart Watch Haul (Plus BOGO 1/2 OFF)

I recently purchased a new watch from K-Mart and I am so in love with it, that I wanted to show it to you all (so you can hurry onto your local K-Mart and grab one for your self).

Currently at K-Mart all watches are Buy One Get One 50% off, which is such a good deal because the watches are all very affordable (they range from $14.99 to $24.99).  The watch below was $19.99, I also purchased another watch (for a family member) which was 1/2 off.

Below is the picture I posted on Instagram:
If you remember last month I purchased a rose gold watch (dupe) from K-Mart as well, you can check out that watch by clicking here. I love watches because aside from being  helpful with telling time (LOL) they are also a great accessory and can spice up and glam up an outfit!  

You can click here which will take you to the K-Mart women's watches section (in my local K-Mart, they had a lot more watches in the store that what the showed online).   Have you purchased any affordable watches lately? Have you spotted the watches section of you local K-Mart?

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