My New Hot Pink Leopard Desk Lap...for CHEAP!

I went to my local Ross Dress For Less store and I found a totally cute hot pink leopard desk lamp for a reasonable price so I wanted to share it with all of you, so hopefully this will inspire you to visit your local discount stores where you too can save a ton of money!
It's called a "boxed lamp" and I purchased it for $15.99, regular retail price is $30, so I think it was a really good deal! The lamp shade is very sturdy and made of thick material, and the outside design has a very soft fabric feel to it!
I love visiting my local Ross Dress For Less store because I am always able to find some pretty awesome deals; they have a lot of brand name items for cheap, designer shoes for ridiculous low prices, and they also have a ton of beauty products for 50-75% off retail!
To visit the Ross Dress for Less site click here. Have you visited your local Ross Dress For Less Store recently? Have you found any good deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, home decor, and/or beauty items?
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  1. Looks cool!



  2. I LOVE the pattern!!!! You always seem to find the best deals. I dont have that store near me but I think Im going to check out the site now. Thanks doll!!!



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