My Life Through Instagram.....Part 2

Hello Friends! If you checked out my post last month on part one of "My Life Through Instagram" I explained that I wanted to begin a new series where I can show you my life through pictures from Instagram (since I know a lot of you don't have an Instagram account).

I've decided that these posts will be monthly (rather than weekly) simply because I don't post that many pics on Instagram; the first Instagram series post was on August 6th, which you can check out the post here and I am exited to bring many more to you all!
1) I had a very relaxing day today (after a very  busy & hectic week). I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!
2) 1 of several #sinfulcolrs @revlon polishes I purchased on Sunday during the 99 cent sale. #deals
3) I hate it when eye shadow cracks and spills ALL OVER the place! Ugh!!
4) Cali love
5) Greek yogurt and grapes...the perfect snack combination!
6) 1st time I've seen an @lacolors ad in a magazine! Looking good LA Colors!
7) I challenge you: As hectic & busy our lives  may be, let's stop for a minute & appreciate the little things in life! #positivity

So there you have it, part 2 of My life Through Instagram! I hope you all enjoyed this post, please give me some suggestions if you would like to see these posts done a little bit different! Do you have an Instagram account? Do you have these types of posts on your blog? Do you enjoyed seeing these types of posts?
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  1. Great pictures



  2. I enjoyed seeing your life through pictures! #7 definitely reminds me to stop and notice the beauty in nature more often. I can't wait to see more of these posts :)

  3. I love these posts!! So many fun pictures!!




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