ELF Cosmetics HUGE Studio Line Haul

I've been tweeting (and Instagraming) a lot lately about how excited I've been to order and finally receive my Huge Elf Studio Line Haul, and a lot of you were interested in seeing what I received, so here's a very brief haul post.
Just to give you some brief information, I live in California West Coast and the ELF shipping center is on the East Coast -- basically all the way on the other side of the United States.  The shipping was $6.95 and it stated I should receive it in 10 days, products were ordered on 09/12/12, order was processed on 09/13/12, and I received the package on 09/20/12, basically I received my package within a week, with is pretty amazing!  So, here's my haul:
I am excited about ALL of the products I picked up, including their baked blushes,  bronzers, the new HD liquid blushes, concealer palettes, brushes, and all of the above! Normally I do like to test out products for a good amount of time before I review them on here, simply because I want to make sure I get the full feel for a product before I recommend anything to my readers, BUT if there is a product you're really anxious to read a review on or see swatches, let me know so I can do sort of like a "First Impressions" post. (Oh and by the way the blotting sheets are from their Essentials Line, but I wanted to give them a try since I've heard a lot of great reviews on them!)

On a quick note, all of these products were purchased when ELF had their 50% off all Studio Line deal, which I posted about not too long ago.  Did you take advantage of the sale? Which goodies did you purchase? Are you planning to pick up any ELF products soon? If you are, which ones are you dying to try out?
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  1. Love elf! Can't wait to see how the baked blushes turn out

  2. Ohh i sure took advantage :D Since the baked blushes were sold out the whole tame and just got in again, of course i got me some too. I meant to get me three but the other one was sold out again lol. Then i got me the hd blushes of course, the baked palette NYC ( which was delievered broken - elf sent me a new one out). I got me the primer too again cause i love that stuff - and isee you got the lip exfoliator too, just wrote a review about it...Love what you got, elf is simply awesome!

  3. WOWZA! I love ELF! The baked blushes look amazing! xoxoxo

  4. OMG I adore e.l.f! I want to steal this haul!! I've heard a lot about the HD Blushes, so I can't wait to see what you think of those. This haul is so perfect. <3

  5. I love living on the east coast, When elf ships my packages I usually get it within two days! I can't wait till you start putting reviews out on all the new lines!

  6. lol, we're going to be spamming people with our elf reviews huh?? ;)


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