ELF Cosmetics 83 Piece Makeup Palette 90% OFF

You all know I love Elf Cosmetics, well I received an email with a promotion  and I definitely wanted to share it with you! Currently, on any orders of $25 of more, you can get the ELF Essentials 83 Piece Makeup Palette for only $3.50.  This palette is regularly priced at $35.00 and it has a $249 value!!
The kit includes:
64 Eyeshadow Shades
8 Lip Gloss Shades
4 Blush Shades
4 Bronzer Shades
1 Lip Brush
1 Eye Brush
1 Face Brush
About a week ago I received my HUGE Elf Studio Line Haul, which I will be doing a haul post very soon. I am a huge fan of Elf Cosmetics, they are very affordable, their products are of good quality, and they have such a wide range of products, it’s simply awesome! To take a look at this palette on the ELF site click here, coupon code to get this palette for $3.50 is 83PIECE (exp 10/01). Let me know if you any of you end up taking advantage of this deal!
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  1. Woooooooooooh, what a massive saving!




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