Cosmetics Donation Bin - Donate to a Good Cause

My lovely friend Krystal from Beauty By Krystal has started a Cosmetics Donations Bin on her site; where we can all donate our unused/unopened cosmetics, makeup, skincare, hair care products.  She will then donate all the items to breast cancer groups and/or women's shelters this holiday season.
I think this is such an wonderful and honorable thing to do, I really admire her for stating this project!  I highly encourage all of you to contribute if you can, and/or please share the link/blog about it so we can spread the word!

Click here to visit the Cosmetics Donations  Bin

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  1. What a great idea! It would be great if you could start your own bin, because I trust you more :)



  2. This is a great idea! So thoughtful!


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