All WnW Cosmetics Are BOGO FREE (CVS Haul)

Hello, this is a very quick post/heads up that all Wet n Wild Cosmetics products are Buy One Get One Free at CVS!  Thanks to Nouveau Cheap (one of my all time favorite bargain bloggers), she posted this awesome deal yesterday and I had to take advantage of the sale today!
The items I picked up: 

**Two 8-pan eye-shadow palettes which retail for $4.99 so I paid $2.50 each, I already own the I Heart Matte Palette (Limited Edition) which I am absolutely in love with -- I use it every single day and have hit pan on a few colors already!

**Two H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliners (both in Ultra Black) I've never tried their liquid liners before (only their pencil liners) so I am very interested to see how they work, they retail for $2.99 each so I got them for $1.50 each;

**Two Mega Creme Shadow Pencils in Graphite and Pixie, (basically black and light brown) they retail for $1.99 each, so i basically got each one for $1.00.

My grand total was: $10.00 on 6 items, I saved $10.00 which is pretty great! (the last item you see in the picture is a Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner, I love it and I will definitely do a review in the near future).

I believe the sale ends on 10/06, so let me know if you end up purchasing any WnW products this week!
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My New Hot Pink Leopard Desk Lap...for CHEAP!

I went to my local Ross Dress For Less store and I found a totally cute hot pink leopard desk lamp for a reasonable price so I wanted to share it with all of you, so hopefully this will inspire you to visit your local discount stores where you too can save a ton of money!
It's called a "boxed lamp" and I purchased it for $15.99, regular retail price is $30, so I think it was a really good deal! The lamp shade is very sturdy and made of thick material, and the outside design has a very soft fabric feel to it!
I love visiting my local Ross Dress For Less store because I am always able to find some pretty awesome deals; they have a lot of brand name items for cheap, designer shoes for ridiculous low prices, and they also have a ton of beauty products for 50-75% off retail!
To visit the Ross Dress for Less site click here. Have you visited your local Ross Dress For Less Store recently? Have you found any good deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, home decor, and/or beauty items?
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FREE Sample of the NEW Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer

To get your FREE Sample of the NEW Jergens Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturizer, you must be a member of the free site:, all you have to do is create an account or just sign in, click on Samples, and fill out a small questionnaire. 
I don’t know how big or small the sample is, but I’ve read a lot of positive reviews on this product so I am definitely happy to receive a free sample and try it out.  
To go straight to the sample please click here.

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Target Up & Up Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Review

About a month ago I purchased the Target brand Up & Up Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, which were on sale for $4.19 (30 pack).  

This particular product states that it compares to Ponds Clean Sweep wipes, which I don’t believe I have ever tried, so I can’t really compare the two. These particular makeup remover cleansing Towelettes claim to “help remove makeup and impurities, quilted for deep cleaning, with triple tea antioxidant complex – wash-away wonders

Overall this product does a god job in removing makeup with only a few swipes, it also does a great job in removing stubborn mascara and waterproof eyeliners, and the wipes are gentle and pretty soft. As far as helping remove impurities I didn't see any major changes in my skin, for the past month my impurities are still on my face – which is OK because I bought this pack just to remove my makeup not necessarily because I thought it would help my skin.  The wipes are very gentle on the skin, I do have sensitive skin and it never once broke me out.
There are a few things that I didn't like about this product, which will prevent me from ever purchasing again:
1)    The wipes are soaked in product; literally massive amounts of liquid would drip from each individual wipe (from the very 1st wipe I used, to the very last one).  This makes it very inconvenient and too much of a hassle to use, because it makes a big mess, you literally need a towel to wipe up the massive amount of liquid dripping from each wipe.

2)    Now this is the deal breaker….this product burned the heck out of my eyes, I’ve never had this happen before in any other makeup removing wipes I’ve used.  Every single time I went in to remove my mascara, eye-liner, and eye-shadow, it would make my eyes sting and burn so much – it was so unbearable.

Having said that, I did finish the entire pack because I did not want to waste my money, but I will not be purchasing these wipes again. Although it does a good job in removing my makeup, the stinging is way too unbearable; you may have a different experience and if you have used these wipes and didn’t feel any burning to your eyes please let me know. 

The wipes can be purchased at Target Stores, you can click here to view it on the Target site.

Want to check out some of my favorite makeup remover wipes? I love the SimpleSkincare Cleansing Facial Wipes and the EpielleCleansing Tissues, both of which are very gentle on the skin/eyes and are very affordable! 

What are some of your favorite makeup removing wipes? I’d love to try some new products so please offer some recommendations!
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ELF Cosmetics HUGE Studio Line Haul

I've been tweeting (and Instagraming) a lot lately about how excited I've been to order and finally receive my Huge Elf Studio Line Haul, and a lot of you were interested in seeing what I received, so here's a very brief haul post.
Just to give you some brief information, I live in California West Coast and the ELF shipping center is on the East Coast -- basically all the way on the other side of the United States.  The shipping was $6.95 and it stated I should receive it in 10 days, products were ordered on 09/12/12, order was processed on 09/13/12, and I received the package on 09/20/12, basically I received my package within a week, with is pretty amazing!  So, here's my haul:
I am excited about ALL of the products I picked up, including their baked blushes,  bronzers, the new HD liquid blushes, concealer palettes, brushes, and all of the above! Normally I do like to test out products for a good amount of time before I review them on here, simply because I want to make sure I get the full feel for a product before I recommend anything to my readers, BUT if there is a product you're really anxious to read a review on or see swatches, let me know so I can do sort of like a "First Impressions" post. (Oh and by the way the blotting sheets are from their Essentials Line, but I wanted to give them a try since I've heard a lot of great reviews on them!)

On a quick note, all of these products were purchased when ELF had their 50% off all Studio Line deal, which I posted about not too long ago.  Did you take advantage of the sale? Which goodies did you purchase? Are you planning to pick up any ELF products soon? If you are, which ones are you dying to try out?
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ELF Cosmetics 83 Piece Makeup Palette 90% OFF

You all know I love Elf Cosmetics, well I received an email with a promotion  and I definitely wanted to share it with you! Currently, on any orders of $25 of more, you can get the ELF Essentials 83 Piece Makeup Palette for only $3.50.  This palette is regularly priced at $35.00 and it has a $249 value!!
The kit includes:
64 Eyeshadow Shades
8 Lip Gloss Shades
4 Blush Shades
4 Bronzer Shades
1 Lip Brush
1 Eye Brush
1 Face Brush
About a week ago I received my HUGE Elf Studio Line Haul, which I will be doing a haul post very soon. I am a huge fan of Elf Cosmetics, they are very affordable, their products are of good quality, and they have such a wide range of products, it’s simply awesome! To take a look at this palette on the ELF site click here, coupon code to get this palette for $3.50 is 83PIECE (exp 10/01). Let me know if you any of you end up taking advantage of this deal!
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