Sinful Colors: Hottie and Call You Later

A few weeks ago Walgreen’s had Sinful Colors Nail Polishes on sale for $.99 cents, usually they are $1.99. They have this sale periodically, and I normally purchase a couple of new polishes every time because I do love the brand.

The two I will be showing you are both glitter polishes that I did not have in my collection but was anxiously waiting to buy them and give them a try!  The green glitter polish is called “call you later” and the blue glitter polish is called “hottie” .... all very cute names! 
One of the reasons why I love Sinful Colors is because you really don’t need many coats of polish, in fact majority of their polishes are very pigmented even with just one coat.  However, I was a little bit disappointed with “hottie” (the blue one) because 1 coat is very sheer and comes off rather violet with some glitters in it (I do still love the color just not what I expected); so I think this polish would work better with a white base underneath, unless you are ok with applying several coats. The green polish “call you later” as you can see the glitters are way more pigmented and more obvious that it is a glitter polish.
Overall, Sinful Colors Nail Polishes have been my go to polishes, when I don’t have time to make my nails look perfect, I can count on Sinful Colors to apply quickly and evenly! Do you own any Sinful Colors polishes? Which is your favorite? Did you take advantage of the $.99 cent sale recently at Walgreen's?
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  1. I picked up Slate (I think that was the name) and Fig in that .99 sale. I've been trying to keep an eye out for some new shades but haven't really seen any yet.

    I own several SC polishes, i'm not sure what my fave is though. I would have to go back and look at all of them. I've been wearing Bare a lot though.


    1. Hi Melissa, I dont believe I have slate, in fact I did its a popular color because I don't think I've ever seen it at my local Walgreens!

  2. Nice! I think I only have 1 Sinful Colors nail polish and it's years old. LOL. Still works though! I always miss out on the Walgreen's sale. Next time!

  3. Hottie is my all time favorite polish and I love layering it over a light or dark blue! It's a pain to get off, but so worth it!

  4. I picked up 11 Sinful Colors last month.. before that I didn't have any! I got a couple in the Walgreens sale (at 84 cents, they also had a 10% off discount online) and I had 2 coupons for my local grocery store which let me get 8 polishes at 98 cents each! I also snagged a Wet n Wild at 84 cents with the Walgreens order :)

    I bought Hottie, too. I haven't tried it yet but from all of the swatches I've seen, it's not what I expected either. It does look pretty though!

  5. I LOVE Call You Later... so pretty!!


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