Philosophy Favorites For Under $15

Right now is a perfect time to try Philosophy products, currently their “favorites” are on a special $15 or less price.  These products are travel/mini sized, but I think it’s a great deal to try one or more of their products to ensure you love it, before forking over $30 plus dollars without making sure you really love the product.
My favorite is the Purity One Step Facial Cleanser; this is my Holy Grail of face cleansers, I’ve been using this product since November of 2011 and haven’t used anything else ever since! My skin has been at its best since using this cleanser.  To check out my review on the Purity One Step Facial Cleanser you can click here.

Which product is your favorite of the Philosophy line? Which one would you say is worth the additional money for it? If you’ve never tried this line before which product are you most interested in trying out?
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  1. woah thats a great price thank you

  2. thanks for posting this i always see this brand at sephora but never tried it


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