My Life Through Instagram.....

Hello Friends! I am testing out a new “series” and set of posts on my blog, in which I showcase my life through pictures from Instagram! I figured that not everyone has an Instagram account, and I’d love to share a little bit of my life, whether it’s beauty related or not to all of you who are interested!

The pictures below are just a few that I’ve posted on Instagram throughout the past month that I’ve had the iPhone app.  If I do decide to keep these posts/series going it will be a weekly (or maybe monthly) showing of my life through Instagram!
1) Enjoying my lunch break, admiring the beautiful SF Bay Bridge.
2) Just bought this Olay moisturizer from CVS. Have anyone of you tried it before?
3) I love Spring and Summer because of all the beautiful flowers that bloom!
4) I love Nail stickers, they really add a fun twist to a regular mani! (kiss products nail stickers)
5) Look what I spotted, a mom and dad protecting their babies!
6) Best part of my Saturday is enjoying the beautiful weather, reading my fav motivational book by Joel Osteen.
7) Tag!! 3 beauty favs this month!

I hope you all enjoyed this random post, My Life Through Instagram! I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I will structure these future posts.  Let me know if you like these types of posts!! Do you have an Instagram account? Do you have these types of posts on your blog, if you do please leave a link so I can check them out!
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  1. I really enjoy these posts! Love your green nails

    Emma xo

    1. Hi girly! So glad you love these posts!!

  2. I love looking at these posts, and I love number 4, did you do it yourself? It looks like it has been done on the computer and altered, it looks impossible to do and really tricky, but fabulous!


    1. Hi Lauren, I did do #4 myself, instagram has a "filter" option where it puts borders and/or adjusts the color, that's why it looks "altered"! =)

  3. love it!! and love Instagram!! I find it's so fun to follow each other's lives on there - definitely enjoy it more than facebook! xox

  4. I love this! I don't have actual posts, but I do have one of my pages titled "iPhoneography" where I post and update it with new photos only taken on my iphone. Most of which I have instagrammed!


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