Julep Maven Nail Polishes Part 2 -- We Meet Again It Girl!!!

I decided to title this post Julep Maven Part 2 because I tried a Julep Maven box back in April and I wasn’t 100% impressed.  However, I have recently been reading a ton of Julep Maven reviews, all of which are very positive, needless to say it sparked my attention.  I checked out their site once again and fell in love with the “It Girl” box which came with very vibrant and fun Summer colors…so I decided to get it.
Upon trying the 3 polishes, named Lily, Daisy, and Sasha; I was amazed and completely surprised because the quality of the polishes seemed different.  All three polishes from the July It Girl set blended perfectly and effortlessly onto my finger nails. The wand picked up enough polish to provide a good enough coat onto my nails; I did apply two coats on each finger to have a more vibrant look. The polishes do dry quickly which is great because you don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for the coat to dry! In addition, the polishes did last several days before I saw any chipping!
Did Julep Maven change their formula? I ask because the first box I got back in April (which was also called It Girl), was completely different in term of the quality.  Then I noticed that my July It Girl polishes were all sealed individually but I distinctly remember the April It Girl polishes were not sealed at all…could it be that the other polishes were tampered with? It’s hard to say, but what I do know is that I love the July It Girl polishes; the colors are so pretty and very vibrant -- perfect for the Summer months!
In case you don’t know, Julep Maven is a subscription service, for $19.99 every month you can get a new Julep Maven box with $40 worth of polishes and creams.  You can take a quiz to see which box fits your style, or you can select a box of your choice since each one contains different colors.

Do you want to try a Julep Maven box? Well for only 1 PENNY you can, simply click here, and enter in PENNY at the checkout to get your Julep Maven box for only 1 PENNY, plus FREE shipping!  Just remember it is a monthly subscription box so if you decide you don’t want to keep the service please make sure to cancel it (877.651.3292).
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  1. Wow! The yellow one looks so vibrant!
    O like the containers too, the look like lip-glosses! Maybe I should give these nail polishes a try!


    1. Hi Eleonor, I love the yellow one, it's such a fun summer color! Let me know if you give these a try and how you like them!!

  2. Nice colours! I love the peachy one
    Your nails are beautiful :)


    1. Thanks Sal!! Yes the peach one is super cute!

  3. I love the colours, they look great!


  4. All three colors look really good! I especially like the yellow colored polish. Just how long did it last before chipping started? I'm always looking for polishes that go the distance!

    1. Hi girly! 4 days before I saw any chipping, not bad right? =)

  5. AND all those colors look really good on you!!! that yellow is so pretty!! VERY summer!

  6. I signed up for Julep last month because of the one cent promo code. I also got the "Sasha" polish in my intro box and I adore it--it's the perfect pedicure color for me!

    I LOVED the polishes in my intro box--you can read my review of them on my blog (http://quickcheapandpretty.blogspot.com/2012/09/my-julep-maven-intro-box-arrived.html)--I think they're well worth the price for the intense glossy finish and durability. I'm very hard on my manicures and just don't get that kind of wear out of drugstore polish. I've heard other comments about the polish formula possibly being altered over the summer so I think your guess was correct and Julep responded to customer complaints about a poor formula.

    But here's the other thing that's really important: Julep allows you to SKIP months rather than cancel if you'd like. I think this is a really awesome feature that more beauty subscription services need to implement, for those of us who don't want (or can't afford) a new box every month. This was the feature that sealed the deal for me and I'm very excited about seeing my first box when it goes up for preview this month! I know that if I don't like it, I can just skip and wait for November.


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