Sephora End of Summer Sale

If you’re a long time follower of my blog, then you know I love Sephora (as much as a lot of their products cost) they do offer some great quality beauty and skincare products.

I received notification that they are having their End of Summer Sale, I knew I had to let you know, because you can get up to 65% off on certain products.

This is an online only sale, and their items are limited supplies, I can already see a lot of products are not in stock anymore because they were priced ridiculously low!  Below are some of my favorite products which are totally a good deal and I am definitely thinking about getting:

To check out all of the goodies that are on sale, please visit the Sephora site, by clicking here. I am very tempted to get the brush set because it is regularly priced at $275, and now it's $99!! Which items are you eyeing right now? Will you be taking advantage of this sale?
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Guest Post: Watermelon Nail Design On a Budget!

Check out the lovely Scarlett, as she shows you how to create a fun and cute Watermelon look, using very affordable polishes!

Hey! My name is Scarlett and I blog about fashion at The Trendy Chick. Stop by and say hi if you get a chance and want to see more tutorials like the one I am showing today!
This watermelon nail design is so cute for the end of summer, and it is also really easy to do!  All you need is a pink, a green, a white, and a black nail polish. I chose to use my mini brush nail polishes for the last 3 colors, because it made it a little easier. I think white is the only one you really need a small brush for though. If you are looking to buy some, I found mine at Walgreens! The pink is a Rimmel London color called Posh Pink that I showed on my blog a little while back.
The pictures pretty much show how to do it, but I will still explain a little. First you do 1-2 coats of your pink color. Once that is dry, add a green french tip. Then add a tiny white line under the green. Lastly, add however many seeds you want wherever you want! It looks so cute once you are done, and it barely takes any time.
Comment below and tell me if you have ever tried painting any fruit designs on your nails... I think they look so cute!
xo, Scarlett

Thank you Scarlett for the awesome nail look, you have shown me how easy it can be to create a fun look on your nails without having to spend a ton of money going to the salon!  Please make sure to check out Scarlett's blog The Trendy Chick for more tips, fashion looks, and hauls!

If you'd like to be a Guest Blogger on Glitz Glam Budget click here
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I know you all love freebies, SO here are a few freebies that are currently available, make sure you click on the provided link of each individual freebie! I am most excited about the Sun Kit below, but hurry a lot of these deals wont last long!






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Target Online Sale and Deals

I was browsing the Target website today and I saw a lot of great deals online, so I thought I’d share them with you. I know that actual Target stores always have deals and clothing on sale (at times between 30-75% off) but I know Target doesn't “price-match” on their online prices, so online might be cheaper than in person, and vice versa, so definitely check out the deals both in person and online.
Above are some of the cute shirts and jacket that I believe are very unbelievably priced, I believe Target is having this sale because Summer is coming to an end and they are preparing to stock up for Fall/Winter clothes.  I highly encourage everyone to shop for clothing after each seasons, meaning shop for Summer clothes in the Fall because you will get up to 80% off in most cases! Below are some of my favorite accessories (shoes, purses, etc) from Target's website which are not only super cute, but they are very vibrantly colored and so affordable!
What I normally like to do is check out my local Target to see if there are any similar deals there vs online, normally I prefer to shop in person so I can try on the products, look and feel the fabric, and so fourth.  If I don't find anything similar in price and look, I will then shop online!

Have you visited your local Target store and found any awesome deals? If you like what you see, you can click here which will take you to the Target website, the women's clearance section. If you're going to check out the beauty section you  might want to take a look at these awesome Target coupons right here.
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Sneak-Peek: ELF Pressed Mineral Eyeshadows AND Baked Eyeshadow Palettes

Many of you were as excited as I was 2 weeks ago when ELF Instagram'd pictures of their new HD Blushes coming in September, you can check out the pictures and swatches on my sneak peek post here.  Well ELF recently instagram'd additional pictures of some of their newest products (coming soon) which are Pressed Mineral Eye-shadows and Baked Eye-shadow Palettes, so I'd throught I'd share them with you since not all of you have Instagram.

The first that caught my eye are the Pressed Mineral Eye-shadows because of all the lovely neutral colors.  These will be available in mid September, for only $3 each...what a steal!! The pictures below are just a few of the colors that will be available since ELF did state that they have more colors, so I am very excited to see what other fun colors they have created! Hopefully ELF will also have some fun and vibrant colors for those fun makeup looks.
Their other new products are the Baked Eye-shadow Palettes, simply because I love "baked" products, and since some can be quite expensive I'm happy to see that ELF will be coming out with a palette full of baked shadows at an affordable price; $10 each palette & you get 10 shadows (how awesome and inexpensive is that?).
Now ELF has stated that both of these new products will be available in mid September on the ELF site, so I want to assume they will not be available at local Target stores right away (but I could be wrong).  Either way ELF always has awesome deals on their shipping so I would definitely not mind purchasing these online!

To check out the ELF Cosmetics website you can click here.  Which new ELF products are you most excited to try out? Will you be buying the baked eye-shadow palettes, the pressed mineral eye-shadows, and/or the HD blushes?

Photos courtesy of e.l.f cosmetics Instagram

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