There's been a lot of drama on Twitter and Facebook surrounding Zoya Nail Polish, and here's why:

Last night myself and dozens of other bloggers posted an AWESOME deal where you get a FREE Zoya Nail Polish with FREE shipping, completely FREE with no purchase. With a Promo code we were all able to get a confirmation that we would be getting a Free Zoya Polish in America.

This morning I woke up to news that Zoya made a mistake (or there was some sort of confusion with their original posting of the freebie) and that you actually need to make a $10 purchase, so all the FREE orders that were made last night are being canceled...even though we already received a confirmation that our free polish was going to be processed.

Here's is my original post if you want to check it out CLICK HERE.

Below are some updates from Zoya (if you check out their FB page you will see a lot of people with mixed feelings, some upset because they feel since Zoya allowed the code to go through without a purchase should honor the free polish, some feel mislead, others are OK with the $10 purchase).

Zoya is pointing the fingers to 3rd party sites (blogs) for posting the wrong info, I do apologize because in my original post I did say I didn't know the rules or how many they were giving away, so I am sorry for that but when i tried the code it went through and I got a confirmation, so I was excited to share it with all of you. Here's what Zoya stated:
Right now you can use the same code and get the free polish & free shipping but you need to make a $10 purchase, code is FREEDOM2. See my original post the only difference is to make a $10 purchase.

Thanks for reading and for always being so kind and supportive towards me and my site, I appreciate it and love you for it! XOXO

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  1. I ordered this morning and it still worked! They def should fix their codes.

  2. I agree they need to fix their codes, isn't this like the 5th time they've had a similar issue lol? Oh Well no free polish...life goes on. I just feel like their customer service is really lacking with how they're handling this...blah.

    <3 your blog and updates!

    xo, Jersey Girl

  3. This is not a blogger error! When I first saw it on twitter I took it as free no purchase necessary.

  4. I agree. How can THEY blame this on someone else when clearly the code was able to be used & they weren't very clear. Thanks for posting this though.

  5. Thanks for sharing these deals!



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