Organize Your Makeup On a Budget

Being a beauty blogger but also a beauty fanatic, means that I test out a lot of products on a daily basis; it can get quite messy if I leave a ton of products lying around, so here are some low costing and very affordable ways you can organize your makeup.....
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If you want to see what I use to store my makeup without "damaging" my wallet, then please check out my Guest Post on Beauty By Arielle's blog by clicking here.  On there I discuss how I organize my beauty products without having to spend a ton of money, and hopefully you can as well!

What do you use to store your makeup? Do you have any budget friendly makeup storage suggestions, that haven’t already been mentioned?

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  1. on a budget thats the way to goo! im not gonna spend $25 for one item to organize when i canbuy more makeup for that price ahahaa

  2. I bought these glass jars at Walmart for $2 each. I use them for lipgloss, eye pencils, mascara, q-tips, and face pads. I store all my shadows in one of the small plastic drawer things. But I also have a bin for make-up that I didn't like that I use for Halloween and costumes or some fun blog looks.

  3. I deff use stuff like this to organize:)

  4. I use baskets to put my body lotions and perfumes in

  5. Great ideas... I like to reuse my beauty army boxes and i've seen people use old food containers as well, (the ends of cereal boxes, bean cans, etc) with them dressed up in scrapbooking paper.


  6. THANK YOU!! Seriously, right now I cram all my makeup into a little drawer in my bathroom and am trying to figure out ways to store it in my teeny tiny bedroom!


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