My New Radiant Tampax Freebie Has Arrived!

Back in May I posted about a Freebie from Tampax, in which if you liked the Tampax Facebook page; you could get the new radiant collection (samples) and a cute wristlet.  Well mine finally arrived this weekend and I wanted to show you what I received.
 1 wristlet  
2 tampons
1 pad
1 liner
The original offer mentioned receiving more quantities (3 tampons, 1 pad, and 3 liners), but quite honestly I really just wanted the wristlet, so I’m ok with receiving less of those items!  The wristlet is very cute, and perfect for putting small makeup items or personal feminine items, so you can discretely carry it in your purse or on the go!
Did you sign up for this offer back in May? Have you received your freebie in the mail yet? If not, don’t worry it should be arriving soon, I’m on the West Coast (US) and just received it on Saturday.
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  1. Replies
    1. Hi Jodie, yes it definitely is, I've already started using it!

  2. The pouch is nice. I can't remember if I signed up for this or not. I just have to wait and see...


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