Bath and Body Works PocketBac and Target Hand Sanitizer

It’s very important to always wash our hands because there are a billion germs out there, but it’s hard at times if we can’t get to a sink.  For example if you’re on public transportation, or you’re in a meeting shaking hands with people, etc.…So what I like to do is carry around hand sanitizers for those moments that I cannot get to a sink to rinse my hands.

When I am on the go, I use the Bath and Body Works PocketBac, which normally retails for $1.50 each, for a 1 fl oz. container (however they normally have deals on these where you can get them for $1.00 each or even less).  There are dozens of different scents available, and quite honestly I’ve tried almost all of them. I love these because they smell wonderful, and very true to the picture/name, for example the Mini Chocolate PocketBac smells just like a mint chocolate chip ice cream…so YUMMY!  One of my other favorites is the Berry Crisp Cookie PocketBac, which smells just like a berry cookie!  These do not dry out my hands/cuticles since most if not all contain Tahitian Palm Milk which conditions the skin, the product does dry fairly quickly once you apply it, and a little bit is all you need!
For my desk at work, but also at home, I use the Target Up & Up Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel.  I love this sanitizer because it contains Vitamin E and Moisturizers, so it does not dry out my hands or cuticles, unlike some other hand sanitizers.  I also love that it comes with a pump which makes it easy to use a small amount of product (which is really all you need to sanitize your hands).  The container is 8 fl oz. and it generally retails for less than $3.00.  It does have an “alcohol” scent, which is normal for most hand sanitizers, but they do have an Aloe Vera one, which has a little bit more pleasant scent.

Overall I think it’s very important to sanitize and/or wash your hands frequently to prevent the spread of germs, and to avoid getting sick. The Target Up & Up Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel and the Bath and Body Works PocketBac, both work wonderfully in sanitizing your hands, killing germs, yet at the same time making your hands feel squeaky clean!  Do you use hand sanitizer on the go? Which brand are you currently using? If you’re using the BBW sanitizers, which scent is your favorite?

To check out BBW PocketBac’s click here, to check out Target Hand Sanitizers click here.

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  1. I LOVE the BBW pocket bacs, and always have one on me:) I just finish using the Paris Amour one, and will be onto my Mango MaiTai next! I also will be going to BBW here in Phoenix soon before heading back home to Canada. Gotta stock up!! haha! xo janna

    1. Janna you have some pretty awesome ones, the mango one smells so good! I usually stock up as well!!

  2. Hi, I'm Shar!
    Your newest follower from the blog hop!
    The mini's are so cute! ^^

    xoxo ♥ -Shar

    1. Hi Shar, thanks for following, I will be checking out your blog right now!! XOXO

  3. I love the pocketbacs i take them to school and they fit easily into my backpack because they are so small, and they all smell really good.

  4. Hi! New Follower from FBH. Really like your blog and the design of it. Looking forward to more!

    Hilary -

  5. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a $100 SheInside giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

  6. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower - hope you can check me out too! xo


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