$61 Worth of Makeup for $10

If you've been a reader of my blog for some time now, then you already know that one of my all time favorite Nail Polish brands is Mattese Elite (which are sold online or in an actual store in NYC (which is called Ricky's NYC click here to visit their website).
Well I was just notified of an awesome deal which I had to let you in on! You can now get $61 dollars worth of makeup for only $10!! Only 200 in stock of the Exclusive Mattese Elite Makeup Gift Set, so pretty much first come first serve/valid until sold out!

The  Exclusive Mattese Elite Makeup Gift Set includes the following awesome items:
Mattese Elite Smooth N Wear Blush in Nudity
Mattese Elite Luminous Pearl Effect Eye Shadow in Emerald
Mattese Elite Long Wear Matte Eye Shadow in Dark Alley
Mattese Elite Moisturizing Wand Lip Gloss in All the Way
Mattese Elite Lip Liner Pencil in Henna
**Plus you get an awesome Rickycare Mesh Cosmetics Bag**

This is an awesome package so I suggest you click here which will take you to the deal! Want to check out my reviews of Mattese Elite polishes? Then click here for Baise Moi, click here for Je T'Adore, and click here for Rainha.

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  1. and then shipping is $6 too bad its not free shipping hehe

    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for mentioning the shipping, it's important! Free shipping would be nice, but even with $6 shipping it is still a pretty awesome deal =)

  2. I love Ricky's and the Mattese Elite line, especially their pigments.


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