FREE Physician's Formula pH Matchmaker Bronzer

Tomorrow, Tuesday July 31st, Physician’s Formula will offer FREE Full-Sized pH Matchmaker Bronzers to the first 1000 people who register and enter a secret code on their Facebook page.  The secret code will be revealed on July 31st, at 5 PM EST time.
As you might remember last month they were offering the free Happy Booster Blush, which were gone within minutes. Immediately as it goes live I will be tweeting and posting a Facebook update so we can all get this awesome freebie.

The bronzer retails for around $14.99, which is amazing that they are even offering such a great freebie!  Click here which will take you to the Physician’s Formula Facebook page/promotions section.  This offer is only valid for US residents 18 and over.

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BabyDoll Mary Jane Heels


A few months ago, I was introduced to a website called, an online retailer, which sells a variety of different items, from bathing suits, to lingerie, to shoes, and even costumes and wigs.  I was very intrigued by the variety of different items they sell, but also their prices, which are very reasonable.

The representatives at were kind enough to let me review a pair of heels which I absolutely fell in love with upon seeing them on the site.  The heels are called BabyDoll Mary Jane, and they retail for $25.95; they are an all time classic pair, pretty much simple black heels, perfect for any occasion. The BabyDoll Mary Jane heels come in three different colors: black, white, and red, and what I particularly love about them is that the bottom of the heels (and the interior) are pink…how cute it that?
The heels are very lightweight, but the material does appear to be very strong and sturdy.  They are 4 inch heels, but they are very comfortable, and easy to walk in because the front of the shoe does appear to have a slight platform style to it.  The shoes do have a patent leather finish, which I actually love because it allows for easy cleaning! If you wear heels often then you know how much work it actually takes to clean heels!

Their shoes sizes are in whole numbers (6,7,8,9,10) and since I am normally a size 8.5 US, I picked size 9. The heels fit ok on me (although it seems if they were a ½ of an inch bigger it would be perfect), which means that the sizes are a bit smaller than they claim, so one suggestion is to go up a size to ensure they fit your feet properly.
I am in love with the BabyDoll Mary Jane shoes; I have been wearing them literally every weekend, to many different occasions (a wedding, bars/clubs, parties, etc.).  I would highly recommend to all of you, if you’re looking for very cute heels, fashionable bathing suits, affordable panties, fun party wigs, sexy dresses, and really so much more for very reasonable prices! To view more items from please click here to visit their site.
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A sample of this product was given to Glitz Glam Budget, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.

30 Makeup Remover Wipes for only $1.00 -- Epielle Cleansing Tissues Review

I love Big Lots, a discount store known to have many drugstore and some high end makeup/beauty items for very low prices.  However, there comes a time where you will be able to find awesome products, from unheard brands.  One in particular is a brand called Epielle, and their makeup remover/cleansing tissues. I discovered these wipes many years ago, loved them to death, but haven’t been able to locate them anymore, until recently!
The wipes come in several different varieties: Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Plain/Unscented, Green Tea, and Citrus.  I’ve only tried the Cucumber and also the Aloe Vera, because of the benefits of those two ingredients (which is said that Cucumber and Aloe Vera are soothing and redness reducing products).

Let me first start off by saying that these wipes are one of the best wipes I have ever used, in my entire life!  The wipes have a very pleasant and light scent, it is definitely not overpowering at all!  Both the Cucumber and Aloe Vera wipes are amazing in removing makeup, even the toughest mascara out there is no match for these wipes.  The wipes are very soft to the touch, and very gentle on the skin.  They are moistened perfectly, not too wet, and not too dry either, and when you do remove your makeup you are left with soft silky clean skin.
As I’ve mentioned before I have fairly sensitive skin, and these wipes have never broken me out nor caused any type of rash. The wipes do claim to be hypoallergenic, wont clog pores, moisturizes skin, and are Oil Free.  By the way these wipes are also meant to be used to clean your face from dirt and oils, so I love using this after exercising or on a really hot day, because it is so soothing and definitely refreshes my face instantly!
I would highly recommend heading over to your local Big Lots to see if they have any Epielle Cleansing Tissues, which by the way are only $1.00 for a pack of 30! They are normally in the skincare section, where the lotions and moisturizers are located, but of course every Big Lots is different.

Have you tried the Epielle Cleansing Tissues? If you have, which scent did you try? Have you seen these at your local Big Lots?
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My New Radiant Tampax Freebie Has Arrived!

Back in May I posted about a Freebie from Tampax, in which if you liked the Tampax Facebook page; you could get the new radiant collection (samples) and a cute wristlet.  Well mine finally arrived this weekend and I wanted to show you what I received.
 1 wristlet  
2 tampons
1 pad
1 liner
The original offer mentioned receiving more quantities (3 tampons, 1 pad, and 3 liners), but quite honestly I really just wanted the wristlet, so I’m ok with receiving less of those items!  The wristlet is very cute, and perfect for putting small makeup items or personal feminine items, so you can discretely carry it in your purse or on the go!
Did you sign up for this offer back in May? Have you received your freebie in the mail yet? If not, don’t worry it should be arriving soon, I’m on the West Coast (US) and just received it on Saturday.
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Allure Fall Beauty Box 2012

I saw a tweet this morning from one of my favorite beauty bloggers Rai, from Glam Morena regarding the Allure Fall Beauty Box 2012.  I remember Krystal, from Beauty By Krystal tweeting about this as well a few weeks ago, which sparked my attention.

What is this Beauty Box?  Well every season, Allure Magazine puts out a Beauty Box, filled with beauty products (skincare, makeup, hair care) usually worth hundreds of dollars, for only $39.99 plus shipping and handling.

This season’s Beauty Box consists of a lot of products, all of which are full sized.  Some of the products are valued pretty high, which already make the Allure Fall Beauty Box worth it, some of these products include:

Buxon Bix & Health Lip Polish in Dolly, Value: $18
Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Texture & Volume Spray, Value: $16
Dr. Lewinn By Kinerase Wrinkle Repair Daily Lotion, Value: $28

Rai, from Glam Morena, mentioned that these usually go fast, so I suggest you order it now if you are interested.  I am on the fence about it, I think if it had more makeup products I would purchase it, I just don’t know if I need all those skincare/hair care products…..

Will you be purchasing the Allure Fall Beauty Box 2012? Have you purchased a Beauty Box from Allure in the past? One IMPORTANT thing to mention, $5.00 of each purchase goes to Cancer and Careers, a great cause!  If you want to check out the Allure Fall Beauty Box 2012 please click here.
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