June 5, 2012

Sally Hansen Daily Nail Growth Program

Something I really enjoy doing on a weekly to monthly basis is painting my nails! But if you notice some of my earlier nail posts my nails have usually been pretty short, because unfortunately my nails are some-what weak and break very easily. I always admire nail bloggers whose nails look so long, strong, and natural, well I was on the hunt to find something that could help make my nails become stronger and I have found the perfect product!

Two weeks ago I visited my local Big Lots and I picked up the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth treatment for only $2.00, regularly retails for around $4.99. The packaging states that it is a “daily nail growth program, which provides powerful protection for short, problem nails within 1 week.” This product is formulated with Silk Proteins which is supposed to give problem nails the strength and protection needed to grow. 
After using this product for 2 weeks I feel that I can give a pretty accurate review on it because I have actually seen results.  A little background on my nails: they typically grow out to about 1/2 of a centimeter, then quickly break or become so brittle that I have to cut them. Well I bought this product right when my nails had reached the 1/2 centimeter growth/length.
The instructions on the product are to apply 1 to 2 coats on freshly cleaned nails every day, now keep in mind removing nail polish is something I hate doing, so rather than removing the polish every single day and applying a new coat every day, I just kept applying coats of this polish on my already coated nails. Will you achieve different and possibly better results if you follow the instructions? Probably, however I've been satisfied with how my nails have been looking (even if I haven't been too strict on the instructions).
My nails haven't grown drastically since applying this treatment so I don't agree with the "maximum growth" claim, however I do feel that it has made a difference in my nails and here are the results (after 2 weeks of use):
- Nails are now very strong and hard
- Nails are no longer brittle
- None have cracked or broken since using this treatment.
- Nails are whiter and feel smoother.
- Even when I don't have this product on, my nails still feel strong and healthy.

Sally Hansen carries a ton of nail growth and nail strengtheners which you can find on their site by clicking here, many with different vitamins and different ingredients that may ultimately give you different results. If you want to purchase the same one I did, you can visit your local Big Lots, or you can also find it at your local Ulta, CVS, Walgreen's, and online.

Have you tried this product, or any other Sally Hansen nail growth/nail strengthener? Do you like to keep your nails long or short? Fake or real? I asked on twitter and here are some of the responses:

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  1. I seriously wish my nails grew the long

    1. Definitely try out something like this from Sally Hansen, it could help your nails grow longer!

  2. Your blog is just beautiful and amazing, I like it! :)


    1. Hi Susanna, thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I am heading over to check out your blog! XOXO

  3. Hey, you're back! :)
    I have the same problems with my nails, so i've decided to get me an uv lamp and gel and do my own fakies. I gave up on looking for a product to fix my nails and i am very happy with my gel nails, cause i can do them how i like and whenever i like and don't have to pay lots of money for it!

    1. Hi Janine! Yes I was away from the internet for the past several days, glad to be back!
      That sounds like such an interesting product (UV lamp/gel) and I especially love that you don't have to pay a lot of money! I will have to look up reviews and more info online! Thanks! XOXO

  4. my nails are so thin i need a hardner your lucky i went to big lots and got my sally products for $4 gees u scored!

    1. Hi Jessica, sounds like you still saved a little bit! You might have to go back and see if they marked anything down, they usually do that if the products don't sell quickly!

  5. I'm fine with just my natural nails. I've worn fake before, but I like to change my nail polish so much now it would be crazy for me to have fake nails. I love going to the Spa/Nail salon but if I can do it myself I will lol. I'll have to try this out. Because on the days/times I don't apply nail polish to my nails they seem to break/chip more.

    1. Hi Ashley, I know exactly what you mean, i like my natural nails and also LOVE painting my nails often! Let me know if you end up trying this product out!

  6. Well... I got his product yesterday and did the research backward :/
    Though i got it £3 less!! (SCORE!!) anyway, do they grow (not drastically) but eventually? because i want my nails visible from the palm of my hand. does it live up to the "visibly longer in 1 week"? If u know:
    What is a HEALTHIER nail polish remover: Acetone formula or Acetone Free?
    And do you know if this product will recover my nails from the amount of fake nails I've had on before? (on average, maybe 5 a week? I know, bad!!)
    Habibah XX

    1. Hello Habibah, I didn't really notice that my nails grew longer because of this product, I noticed that my nails were stronger and healthier looking during and after using this product.

      Acetone is a very hard chemical, it can damage/strip your nail, but keep in mind it's ok in moderation. A product such as this Sally Hansen nail growth can definitely help your damaged nails! Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


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