My Target Beauty Bag Has Arrived!!

If you remember for the past several months Target has been confusing us all with Spring Beauty Bags and the many different ways to get one.  Initially it was offered for free as a "sample" on their site, then you needed to make several "mystery" purchases in order to get one, and so fourth...Well if you remember a month ago I posted information that Target was giving away 457,000 Spring Beauty Bags through their Facebook page, well if you were one of the lucky ones to sign up for it then your Spring Beauty Bag should look very similar to the one I just received:

The cosmetics bag itself is so cute, its actually a London Soho New York brand bag, which is really the main reason why I love these promotions that Target has periodically! 
 The contents of the Target Beauty Bag are:
-Nivea Extended Moisture Daily Lotion (1oz)
-Pantene Color Hair Solutions Shampoo (1.7oz) 
-Neutrogena Visibly Bright Daily Facial Cleanser (1oz)
-L'oreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer
-Simple Skincare Cleansing Wipes (7 wipes)
-Target Beauty Coupons
-London Soho New York cosmetics bag
  As usual I love freebies and coupons, but I especially love getting the Target Beauty Bag because not only does it come with a super cute cosmetics bag, but they give you samples of a variety of beauty products from shampoo to face wash to face primer!

Thanks once again for a wonderful Beauty Bag Target! Please keep them coming periodically!

If you're not already following your favorite stores and brands through Facebook and/or Twitter, I highly encourage you to! A lot of companies will have giveaways, contests, freebies, some for just following them, leaving a comment, or even Re-tweeting a tweet!!

Did you get this Target Beauty Bag? Which sample are you most excited to try out? 

♥ Glitz Glam Budget 


  1. no face book here! boo lol.. thanks for sharing and makeing me regret it lol <3

  2. @Jessica, girl u should just sign up for FB to get freebies! =D

  3. I got my beauty bag in the mail and I was really impressed with how many products were in it. I got one the last time around and I think it got better this time! I think Target's free beauty bag was better than some of the subscription sample services.

    Penniless Socialite

  4. I LOVE THAT BAG!! SO CUTE! very jealous of this glitzybudget prize!

  5. @Tara St I was so impressed too, i think they keep getting better and better. I rec'd one last year I think (with the Sonia Kashuk bag)!

    @Laila Isn't the bag so cute?? Definitely follow Target on twitter and FB they always have a ton of promotions and giveaways!

  6. Ooo...i like what ya got there hun!

  7. I got mine today!! WOO HOO! The bad is my favorite thing we got!

  8. @Niki Target always has these every so often so def follow them on twitter and FB to get the scoop!

    @Tristan YES the cosmetics bag is my fav too!

  9. Wow this was so informative! Glad you were one of lucky ones to get one!! Enjoy!

  10. i got this bag as well the other day and am in LOVE with the Simple face wipes! definitely going to try out more of their products! :) thanks for posting this!

  11. Niiiice! So many fun goodies, Lucky you!!

  12. Got mine today too :) It is sooo cute. Haven't tried any samples yet.

  13. @mattabellax3 thanks, i haven't tried any samples yet but I am excited to try them all out!

    @Mariah I already have a pack of the wipes that i am currently using and YES i love them too!

    @Janna Thanks girly! I love freebies and goodies like this!

    @Sexcgirl77 I haven't tried my samples either but I am certain we will both LOVE them all!

  14. I'm still waiting for mine, hoping it comes soon. :)


  15. Getting so impatient. Hopefully I get mine soon!


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