FREE Victoria's Secret PINK Water-bottle ENDS TODAY

Thanks to a recent post from one of my favorite bloggers Lisa from Drugstore Divas, (if you're not following her site you're definitely missing out on some pretty awesome coupons, freebies, and sale alerts!), she alerted her readers about this awesome deal and I wanted to share it with you although it does expire TODAY 05/07/12!

You can get this very cute Victoria's Secret PINK Water Bottle, with a PINK purchase!  You have to be a PINK nation member (basically signing up to receive current offers and freebies), what is awesome is that there is no purchase price limit, so you can buy the cheapest item and still be able to get this super cute water-bottle! It looks like this offer is only valid in store and it is valid until today so hurry (05/07/12). You can click here to visit the Victoria's Secret PINK site. To sign up for PINK nation click here.

In addition, Victoria's Secret is having a contest/challenge right now, called Tote's Love/Design a Tote Challenge, for a chance to actually have that tote made into a member's only special exclusive! Sounds pretty awesome, so if you'd like to enter please click here.

Will you be entering this contest? I am excited to actually see the entries and take a look at everyone's creativity!  Did you already pick up your PINK water bottle? Since the offer expires today I am going to try to make it to my local Victoria's Secret store and get one!

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  1. oh cool! thanks for the heads up ;-)

    1. Hi CottonCandyInk, you're very welcome, hopefully you'll be able to grab one today!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi kelly, you are very welcome! Let me know if you end up getting one today!

  3. another long sigh moment for the European residents...LOL



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