FREE Totally New Radiant Collection from Tampax including a Super Girly Wristlet

If you "like" the Tampax Facebook page right now (by clicking here) you can get some free goodies! Get your hands on the Tampax Totally New Radiant Collection, which comes with:

-         1 wristlet (SUPER CUTE)
-         1 scented pad
-         3 unscented liners
-         3 unscented tampons (2 regular, 1 super)

The wristlet is so girly and that alone is worth making a trip to the Tampax page!  Please hurry because this is a “while supplies last” deal, I just signed up a few minutes ago and received notification that I would get my package in 4-6 weeks!

Again click here to get your FREE Totally New Radiant Collection from Tampax.

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  1. Replies
    1. How cool! How is the wristlet? I am so excited about it!

  2. Replies
    1. You are AWESOME, and you just made my day! XOXO

    2. aww wonderful!! good job Janine (*petting my own shoulder*) :D

  3. Dang it I missed it! Thanks for the heads up Im a new follower from bloghop


    1. Hi DianaLuv, these freebies go super fast, hopefully you can catch the next one! Thanks for the follow, I am heading over to your blog right now! XOXO

  4. I requested mine a while ago but haven't received it yet. Hopefully I'll get it soon! :) (who can say no to free pads and tampons? haha)



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