ELF Holiday Collection Everyday Eye Beauty Book Swatches

I've had the ELF Holiday Collection Everyday Eye Beauty Book palette in my vanity for quite some time but never actually got around to using it, and it could be because I've been overly obsessed with using my Wet n Wild I Heart Matte Palette (you can check out my review here) since the colors are very similar.

ELF is one of my all time favorite beauty brand, not only because a lot of their products are very affordable, but they are of great quality as well.  I have another ELF Holiday Collection Beauty Book, which is the Glitter Eye Book (you can check out my review here). I love that Beauty Book because the colors are so pigmented and so vibrant, I was expecting the same quality for the Everyday Eye one, but I was amazed to find out they don't quite compare with one another.

As you can see the colors are beautiful, and the reason why I purchased it is  because there are so many neutral colors which is great for an everyday look. Also there are a few fun purples and deeper colors for an awesome smokey eye!

Upon trying and using the product, I was a little disappointed in the quality of this palette, because the swatches weren't as pigmented as the Glitter Book Palette, and some of the colors were a bit chalky again comparing to the Glitter Book Palette. However for a $5 dollar palette I do think this is an awesome deal, there are a few colors you will need to work extra hard to apply carefully (such as the highlight colors), however the darker grays/purples work and look perfectly!

Similar to the Glitter Beauty Book, the sets were supposed to be limited edition, however ELF still carries them so you can visit their site here to purchase. My local Target still carries them, so you can also check for yourself, in addition I have seen these palettes at some discount stores such as Ross Dress for Less and Big Lots.

What do you think about this palette? Have you picked up one? What is your favorite drugstore/affordable eye-shadow palette? 

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  1. This is a great blog post.
    Definitely following you now!

    Check out my blog!

    1. Hi Kaylaa, thank you for the sweet comment, and for following me! I'll definitely be checking out your blog!

  2. I've been nervous about purchasing ELF products. I don't why because most items I really enjoy using!

    1. Hi Mattabellax3, well the wonderful part about ELF cosmetics is that they are so affordable so if there is a product you don't really enjoy, you haven't spent a fortune on it! =)


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