Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012

Hello Friends, do you know of any UK based bloggers or blogs that are written by British bloggers abroad with a British perspective? If so please read on...
If you haven't heard already, Cosmopolitan UK is having their annual Blog Awards, (for the 3rd year) and there are many categories which includes:

Best Established Fashion Blogger
Best Establishes Beauty Blogger
Best New Beauty Blogger
Best New Food Blogger
Best Food Blogger
Best Sex and Relationship Blog
Best Lifestyle Blog
The Social Savvy Award
Best New Fashion Blogger

I love it when magazines and big companies have awards that honor bloggers because quite simply we are the ones who spread the word out to others about certain products and we are the ones that have a voice in encouraging, or discouraging our peers to go for a certain product, or even avoid a certain brand.
I highly encourage all of you to vote and even enter yourself (if you fall under the UK blogger requirement), as you can see there are plenty of categories whether you're an established blogger or a newbie!  I truly believe that winning an award such as this one from Cosmo UK can open up a lot of doors for bloggers, and it is evidently seen in past winners which have gone on to work for magazines, and have become full time (paid) bloggers. 
Nominations run from May 3rd 2012 - June 31st 2012. Voting will take place from July 16th - September 31st 2012. Click here which will take you to the Cosmo UK voting site! I know I'll be voting for my favorite bloggers, and hopefully you will also! You can click here to check out the Terms and Conditions.

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  1. I voted for sooo many of my favourite blogs!xx

    1. Hi Louise X, I am so glad you voted for your fav I did too and hopefully more people will participate so we can support our fav UK bloggers!


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