Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks Review with Swatches

On a recent trip to Big Lots I spotted a big display of Revlon Lipsticks (you can check out the display here), most of which were the Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks that are currently available at all general drugstores.  I was amazed to find these lipsticks for an unbelievable price of $2.00, because they are usually priced at $8.99 each (although when on sale you can get them for anywhere between $4-$7).  I've been wanting to try these lipsticks for the longest time, but they were just way to expensive for me.

Imagine my excitement when I saw these lipsticks at Big Lots...Let's just say I acted like a kid in a candy store!!! I went a little bit overboard when I saw the display, I pretty much purchased all the neutrals to pink colors that I could find, and left behind the colors that I don't usually wear as much, such as bright reds to deep browns. I believe there are between 15-20 different colors in the collection, and I purchased 9 of them, at $2.00 each the total was $18!

I read a lot of wonderful reviews on these lipsticks from some of my favorite beauty bloggers, and I am so glad that I finally got my hands on these lipsticks because I simply adore them!

- Formula feels very light weight.
- Leaves a moisturizing and hydrating feeling on the lips.
- Glide on very smoothly and effortlessly.  
- The color selection is fabulous; anyone of any color, race, ethnicity can find a match!
- Top of packaging conveniently has the lipstick color (as well as labels on the bottom).
- Majority of the colors I selected have awesome color payoff and are very pigmented.
- Colors are very build-able and you can achieve a bolder and brighter look with additional applications. 

- They only last about 2-3 hours max!
- Some of the colors are very sheer and hardly show up on the lips.

Overall I am in love with the Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks, the pigmentation is fabulous, I love the super sleek packaging, the formula is like no other lipstick I've tried before, and they simply make my lips feel super soft and silky!! My favorite is 70 Nude Soft because it is such a lovely soft nude color; my least favorite and the only one I am disappointed in is 06 Pink Sugar it is very sheer on my lips and actually barely shows up; other than that I love all the colors I purchased and can see myself applying different colors for different occasions and with different outfits!!

 (swatches without flash below)
(swatches with flash below)
Have you tried any of the Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks? If so, which is your favorite? Your least favorite? Have you checked out your local Big Lots store to see which beauty goodies you can find?

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FREE Totally New Radiant Collection from Tampax including a Super Girly Wristlet


If you "like" the Tampax Facebook page right now (by clicking here) you can get some free goodies! Get your hands on the Tampax Totally New Radiant Collection, which comes with:

-         1 wristlet (SUPER CUTE)
-         1 scented pad
-         3 unscented liners
-         3 unscented tampons (2 regular, 1 super)

The wristlet is so girly and that alone is worth making a trip to the Tampax page!  Please hurry because this is a “while supplies last” deal, I just signed up a few minutes ago and received notification that I would get my package in 4-6 weeks!

Again click here to get your FREE Totally New Radiant Collection from Tampax.

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eyeMAJIC Instant Eyeshadow


About a month ago, I came across a company on twitter called Majic Beauty Inc, and they were tweeting about one of their products called “eyeMajic” claiming it was the world’s quickest and easiest eye shadow to apply. I was intrigued so I sent them a tweet saying “Wow what an interesting product,” well they replied back and through a brief twitter “conversation” they were kind enough to send me some free samples.  

  I received the following:
Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow in Pearl Finish
Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow in Leopard Print
 Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow in Matte Finish

1Close your eyelids then raise your eyebrow to give a flat surface for better application. Using both hands hold the Eye Majic applicator on the base of the eyelid for approx 4 seconds.

2Then by applying comfortable pressure, slide the applicator across your eyelid in the appropriate direction to achieve a sharp look.

3To achieve a different look you can apply a second applicator of a different color over the existing eye shadow to achieve a unique style.   

The point of this product is to basically be able to swipe on the shadow and have an instant eyeshadow perfectly applied to your lid.  Upon first trying this product, I definitely had a hard time achieving a flawless look simply because the instructions state to "slide the applicator across your eyelid" however when I did that it created a mess! Luckily each packet comes with 2 sets of shadows therefore I was able to practice a bit more, and I found that by simply pressing the shadow down on the lid then lifting up created a better look.

I tried different techniques to see how I can achieve a perfect look "on the go," one technique was blending the shadows with a brush, but the shadow ended up disappearing, even with a primer. I couldn't blend anything in to lessen the harsh lines, because when I did try to blend the product in, the shadow seemed to disappear. One tip is to avoid blending it really does nothing but wipe away the product.
The only shadow set that came out a little bit better was the leopard print, because there was no need to blend since the design is there as you swipe the product on; however the design is definitely not something I would wear on a daily basis.
The swatches above were done on a flat surface (my arm) however when applied on a curvier surface (like eyelids) the process is not as simple and not as perfect compared to when applied on a flat surface.

Overall I don't know if I would call it the world's quickest and easiest eye shadow to apply simply because I had such a hard time trying to make the shadow appear flawless and natural. However, I do think this is a great concept, and with a little bit of practice I think you could ultimately achieve a close to flawless look.

If you want to check out Eye Majic you can click here which will take you to their site. I do love that they ship worldwide, and the prices are fairly reasonable:
2 pairs $2.49 +S&H
5 pairs $5.75 +S&H
10 pairs $10.95 +S&H

What do you think about this product? Have you seen anything similar to it? Have you tried Eye Majic and/or will you be purchasing this product?

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Samples were given to Glitz Glam Budget, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews.

PIC HEAVY -- SPOTTED Philosophy, Biore, Aveeno, and more at BIG LOTS!!


If you read my recent SPOTTED post (here), then you know I went to my local Big Lots recently and on my way out spotted some Elf and Wet n Wild cosmetics sets, well I decided to go back and see what other goodies I was able to find, and I was AMAZED at the amount of beauty and skincare products I spotted, all of which are drugstore (some high end) brands!
First I made my way to the skincare isle where you usually see body wash, hand soap, etc.  Well I was surprised to find Biore Skincare products (Biore Hard Days Night Overnight Moisturizer and Biore Clean Things Up Nourishing Gel Cleanser) at Big Lots! Normally these products are valued $5.99 and up, they were priced at $3.50.
Next I spotted Neutrogena Deep Clean Relaxing Nightly Scrub which retails for about $7.00, it was priced at $5.00, in addition right next to the scrub were Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub which retail for $7.29, and they were also priced at $5.00.
I then made my way onto the cosmetics isle, and I felt like a kid at a candy store…. I first spotted Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Polish Strips which retail for $9.99, they were all priced at an AMAZING price of ---> $3.00!!! I really wanted to try these strips especially for only $3.00; however the only “shade/color” available was this bright neon yellow, so I decided to skip on it! 
Right below the Sally Hansen strips I noticed a wide range of Almay, Maybeline, and Revlon blushes, foundation, nails polishes, and mascaras, all of which were priced at unbelievable prices (less than $4.00).
I also spotted hundreds of Revlon lipsticks including Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks, which normally retail for $8.99, they were priced at $2.00!! I’ve wanted to try these lipsticks since they came out, but for $9.00 I never wanted to buy them, so I now had my chance I stocked up on all my favorite colors (mainly the pinks and neutrals) I will be doing swatches on all of them in the coming weeks.
As I made my way onto the cashier, I spotted Philosophy beauty products, which included lip products, face powder, face Illuminator, cream blush, and much more. They were all priced at $3.00, normally these products run for more than $10 (available at Sephora and the Philosophy site), for example the face powder retails for $12-$15, as much as I wanted to buy them all I opted out simply because I have dozens of blushes, dozens of face powders…but now I am sort of regretting it!! 
Should I go back to my Big Lots and purchase some Philosophy products? Have you been to your local Big Lots recently? Have you spotted any drugstore beauty and skincare products that were a definite bargain?

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MORE Klout Perks and Freebies

I wanted to share with all of you the additional Klout goodies I have received recently!  If you don’t know what Klout is, please check out my post (click here) explaining why YOU should join!  To quickly sum it up, Klout is a site that rates your “social influence” by looking at your Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites and they reward you based on what you are influential in.

As you know I’ve already received 2 Simple Skincare full sized products, click here for my review, also Burts Bees Gud 3 full size skin products (which I am still in the process of testing and review will be up shortly).

Now onto the recent Perks I received:

1Veet Ready to use Wax Strips.  It comes with 40 Full size wax strips and 6 wipes, which retails for an average price of $9.99.

2Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum, a 1 oz. tube, which retails for an average price of $19.99.

3Something non beauty related that I received was a package from Lipton Tea with 10 to-go packets of the Lipton 5 calories Tea & Honey drink.

I am currently testing out the Veet and Neutrogena products and will do a review in the near future. I definitely encourage all of you to sign up for Klout; now that I’ve been using Klout for quite a while I do still enjoy it BUT one negative is that if you’re not “active” on your social media accounts, your score drops – which can be a bit discouraging at times.  For example I recently have been very busy with work and just life in general, that I was off the internet (blog, twitter, Facebook) for 3-4 days…therefore my score dropped down a few points.

Other than that I love Klout, simply because they reward their members with FULL SIZED products, what other company do you know of actually does that?

Have you joined Klout? What perks have you received recently? Are you waiting on any other perks? If you want to join Klout you can click here.

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