FREE Full Size Moisturizer at Sephora

I just found out about this so I wanted to quickly let you know, because of Earth Day you can get a FREE Full Size Origins Lotion at Sephora, when you trade in an empty cosmetics product container! Hurry because this is today only!

If you live in Salt Lake City Utah and Paramus New Jersey this offer is valid until tomorrow 04/23/12.

You can also get the same full size moisturizer free online with a $30 purchase.
Click here for details on the Sephora site.

♥ Glitz Glam Budget 


  1. Thanks so much for this!! I didn't make it in but I see we can still get it as long as we make a purchase online! WOO HOO!!

    - Tina

  2. Wish there was a Sephora store here! (:


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