ELF Therapeutic Conditioning Balm

I recently purchased the ELF Therapeutic Conditioning Balm (along with other beauty items) and I wanted to do a quick review on it.  Normally I do like to try out products for several weeks (to even months) before I make a review, simply because I want to be able to provide as much of an honest and accurate review as possible.  However with this ELF product I was not too happy with from the first application, so I thought I'd share it with you all.

As much as I LOVE ELF products, I am not overly impressed with the quality or claims of this balm.  The ELF Therapeutic Conditioning Balm claims that because it is infused with Vitamins A & E and Shea Butter, it:
Provides Intensive Long lasting Moisture
Helps treat & prevent chapping
Instantly soothes & smoothes lips
 The balm stick is the type that you roll to the left/right to rotate the product in and out of the packaging, similar to other chap sticks.  Well immediately upon my first use, the balm wouldn't rotate anymore so 1/3 of the product was wasted because I couldn't rotate nor push the product back down.
The product itself felt a little bit like smooth wax, so it didn't necessarily soothe or smooth out my lips, it just felt like there was a thin layer of product sitting on my lips. Contrary to what I thought the color would be, the balm comes off as clear once applied on the lips.

I am not too disappointed simply because this balm is only $1.00, I am a big fan of ELF products and will continue to purchase other items that I love, but I will definitely not be picking this up again.
Have you tried this balm? What do you think about it? Do you have any ELF favorites?

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  1. sorry this didn't turn out to be a good product at least it was only $1

  2. At least it was only a buck =)

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  3. What a shame that it didn't turn out! It's a hit or miss with elf I guess(:

  4. I dont like their lip glosses either so I wouldnt try their balm. But this is a great review of it!


  5. Ugh... I'm so with you on this product. I can't even really describe how it makes my lips feel and you even get this awful almost overwelming of your mouth when you breathe (at least I did). I rubbed it off immediately and tossed it in the trash, not even worth a buck.

    I do like some elf products but don't care for any of their lip products. I mainly like their eyeshadows and blushes.

  6. That's too bad, but elf is a hit and miss for me but I generally really like elf products but there are a few items that should be avoided. Great review hun. xoxo

  7. I have a couple of these...I like them but don't love them...they are like my last resort balm when I cant find my favorite lips balms! haha

  8. dang i so been wanting to try this product but kept passing it up!! thanks for sharing hey a bucks a buck haha..


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