California Finds Toxins in "Non-Toxic" Nail Polishes

I was reading the news online today, and came across an interesting article that I thought I'd share with all my readers. Despite the fact that the article only talked about the state of California, I do believe everyone all over the country should read this because it is very important to our health!

The article titled: "California Finds Toxins in "Non-Toxic" Nail Polishes," was featured in Northern California's online news station: KTVU which states that the Department of Toxic Substance Control released a report that determined nail products were being mislabeled and could harm thousands of women who work in over 48,000 salons in California, in addition to women who get their nails done in these salons.

Investigators selected 25 random brands including polishes that claim to be "free of toxins" and the results were astonishing, because 10 of 12 products  that claimed to be free of hazardous chemicals, were found to have 1 or more of these dangerous toxins.  Some potential problems if exposed to these chemicals include general health risks such as developmental problems and asthma.  

So what can we do about it?  If a salon is not well ventilated, long term exposure could lead to health problems, therefore if you work in a nail salon the first thing to make sure is that the area is well ventilated, windows open, air conditioner is on, and fans circulating.  If you're getting your nails done you may also want to select polishes that are not in the list below as containing hazardous chemicals. The list below doesn't contain any drugstore or high end polishes that I am familiar with, so I would suggest picking out polishes that you are familiar with. Of course your best bet to avoid getting health problems would be to visit the salon less frequently, because these health risks are for long term exposure.

Some products that were mislabeled as "Non-Toxic" but actually contained hazardous chemicals as as follows:
Sation 99 basecoat
Sation 53 red-pink nail color
Dare to Wear nail lacquer
Chelsea 650 Baby's Breath Nail Lacquer
New York Summer Nail Color
Paris Spicy 298 nail lacquer
Sunshine nail lacquer
Cacie Light Free Gel Basecoat
Cacie Sun Protection Topcoat
Golden Girl Topcoat
Nail Art Top-N-Seal and High Gloss Topcoat

Have you used any of these polishes before? We all know nail polishes and other beauty items do contain some sort of chemicals, so MODERATION is key, what that means is to not completely avoid salons or getting your nails done, but to not go as often, to just be aware of the products you are using, make sure to read labels and just be informed of what you are putting in or on your body!
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  1. This is such helpful information! thank you!
    xx taylor

  2. great to know! thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. Thank goodness I've never used any of those! I think it's very sad that we live in a time where companies are knowingly putting chemicals that are or potentially are harmful in often-used consumer products. I'm always very careful about reading labels, especially on nail polish! Thanks for raising awareness on this xoxo

  4. Ive never used any of these brands thanks goodness! Thanks for sharing!

  5. UGH! On top of hating liars, I really hate when people/companies lie about serious and hazardous facts! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yeah they really shouldn't lie about things like these. If someone were to get seriously injured, they'd be facing a major lawsuit and a lot of bad press so it's really not worth it. I don't get my nails done at the salon too often and when I do it's usually french tips/mani so I think I'll be okay.
    I awarded you with an award btw(:

  7. Oh wow that is crazy. thanks for the info!


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