Another Target Beauty Bag NOW Worth $20

In case you missed it, about 2 weeks ago I posted information on how to get a Free Target Beauty Bag filled with small samples and coupons, via Facebook, the promotion is now over, however you can click here to view exactly what I was talking about!

Well apparently Target has a new Beauty Bag, but this time instead of samples, it looks like there might be full size or big trial size products, simply because they are stating the bag is worth $20 (unless they are referring to the actual makeup bag being worth $ and advertisements can be so deceiving and confusing at times).  Well, in order to get it you do have to buy 3 "Best of Beauty Items,"

"Best of Beauty Items" include anything from Sally Hansen polishes, ELF Hyper Lip Shine, to Almay, Maybeline, and No7 cosmetics/skincare.  Your best option would be to go for the most inexpensive items,  you can literally get this Beauty Bag for about $7.50 plus tax (Sally Hansen Extreme Nail Color is the cheapest item I see, which is priced at $2.50).
There are a few categories that count as Best of Beauty you can click on each category so you can see all the items:
Best of Eyes
Best of Face
Best of Lips
Best of Face

Here are a few items that qualify as Best of Beauty:
(Click on each picture to enlarge)

I don't quite know if you'll be able to get the free Beauty Bag there at the store, or if you will get a printout code and Target will then mail it to you....I think I will try to get it and report back if I have any luck!
What do you think? Will any of you be picking up the new Target Beauty Bag worth $20? Do you think it will come with full size/big travel size products, or do you think just the cosmetics bag is worth $20? 

♥ Glitz Glam Budget 


  1. i missed it cause i dont have a facebook awe boo.. lol but i appreciate u telling me that day hunny

  2. I'll definitely be stopping by my local Target to pick it up. I feel like the full sizes are too good to be true but we'll see. (:


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