Youtube Beauty Vlogger of the Year WIN $25,000

NYX Cosmetics just announced on twitter and facebook, 
a contest which will excite a lot of Youtube Beauty Gurus and Beauty Vloggers.  

NYX Cosmetics, along with Fine Artistry of Cosmetics Elites (FACE) are hosting their very first
"The FACE Awards, National Beauty Vlogger of the Year on Youtube."  
The winner will win $25,000,
 and there will be 5 runner ups which will win a 1 year supply of NYX cosmetics!

Here are the Rules:
- Make a Submission Video showing how you apply your favorite look (step by step)
-Upload it to your Youtube channel
-Go to and fill out submission form

How you will be judged:
-# of likes you get

Please watch the video below, where Youtube Beauty Guru Pursebuzz can give you more details about the contest, the rules, and the procedures:

I highly encourage all of you Beauty Vloggers to enter, even if you don't have many subscribers, it's ok because the # of likes is only 1/4 of what you will be judged on! If you do submit a video please leave your links down below so I can check them out and like your looks!

♥ Glitz Glam Budget 


  1. her necklace is cute.. boo i dont blog er vlog lol..

  2. I've filmed some footage but never uploaded it lol xx

  3. Stopping by from Blog Hop Til You Drop!

  4. What an incredible opportunity!! Can't wait to see who wins:)


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