Vera Wang New Makeup Line at Kohl's

I was recently inspired to do this post thanks to a blogger which I simply love: BudgetBabe (click here to see her blog). She posted the picture below of a new makeup line by Vera Wang which was featured in a recent Magazine:
Photo Source: BudgetBabe
Who  is Vera Wang....? Well she is a designer recently known for designing Kim Kardashian's *short lived* wedding dress, but also she has provided perfumes such as "Princess" which can be found at Sephora, in addition to her clothing and accessory line already at Kohl's which is called "SimplyVera."   
She has recently partnered up with Kohl's once again, with an exclusive makeup line also called "Simply Vera."
Photo Source: Refinery29
Vera Wang will launch her brand her cosmetics collection only available at Kohl's stores in April. Her line will include concealer, eye shadows, lipsticks, eyelash serum, and much more, with prices ranging anywhere from $16.50-$39.50.
Although I am usually very ecstatic when a designer partners up with such an affordable store, I am a little bit disappointed with the prices, I really hope with such high prices, that some of the collection comes in palettes, otherwise if just 1 item is priced at $16.50 I will be sure to pass it up!
Photo Source: Runaway411
 What do you think of Vera Wang's exclusively for Kohl's collection? 
Have you purchased anything from Vera Wang's other collection such as clothes, accessories, or perfume? Do you think you will be checking out this makeup line once it launches?
To view the Simply Vera Wang Collection at Kohl's you can click here.

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  1. oo thats exciting! i will have to check that out! xx Kelly

  2. I have some Simply Vera shoes that I'm pretty happy with; but I don't think I'll try the makeup.. That's a little pricey for me for a new line I'm not really sure about...


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